Because it values the truth and the power of truth, the Geneva Shore Report acknowledges and corrects errors and apologizes or retracts right on its front page.

Mistakes, when they have occurred in the GSR are acted upon with speed and vigor. Perhaps the GSR should make a similar correction when serious errors in truth are published in other local newspapers. A case in point, come when a local paper writes: “rules for public speaking allow visitors to the council to speak on any topic except for public hearing items.”

This statement is not true for or at any Lake Geneva City Council meetings. “All public comments and all council comments” at Lake Geneva City Council meetings are limited to items on the meeting’s agenda, and that’s it. The only element related to truth in the “other” newspaper’s statement is that on less than a dozen days in the year (on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm when a meeting of the “Committee of the Whole” (COW) is held), when the meeting gets to agenda Item No. 5, at approximately 6:40 p.m., the public is permitted to address the aldermen at the meeting (not the council) on non-agenda items of their own choosing for up to 5 minutes, and no more.


A committee of the whole is a device in which a legislative body or other deliberative assembly is considered one large committee. All members of the legislative body are members of such a committee. This is usually done for the purposes of discussion and debate of the details of bills and other main motions.

Parking changes. More paid parking is coming to the city this summer as plans move forward to change parallel parking on some streets adjacent to the downtown into angled slots. That angled slots are much more accident likely (now changed from accidents to crashes by trial attorney demand), dangerous for pedestrians and bikers alike (but bikes are not allowed in the Lake Geneva downtown except for those of police officers whose safety apparently doesn’t matter that much). More paid parking is the issue and the current city administration, both appointed and elected, are dead set on extracting as much in parking and parking fine fees from the public as they can possibly get.

Parking in Lake Geneva


The cars begin parking for the summer.  Newer and bigger SUVs come along
each year and they have a hard time fitting into the small parking
spaces brought about by Lake Geneva’s continuing quest for ever-more parking

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