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The Lake Geneva Main Street mess continues.
What’s the deal with the portion of Main Street between Cook Street and Maxwell Street? It looks almost finished, just lacking the yellow and white painted lines. The middle of last week, GSR X-files reporters talked with a crew of street workers who were painting the new intersection lines at the corner of Main Street and Broad Street. The crew took some time to explain what needed to be done, as far as painting, and what the schedule for completion looked like. The portion of Main Street that further west was on their schedule for that same day or the next morning. This would and did, give the impression the road would open shortly after the painting was done.

The businesses downtown have been anxiously awaiting Main Street reopening and operate as it should. They were hoping it might open before the original Memorial Day deadline. When a couple of days passed, and the painting was not done, they started to ask questions. The answers they received were not what they wanted to hear. Allegedly, the talk was that the painting was not to be finished yet and the road crew was instructed to not open the road under any circumstance before May 24, 2018. Why would they say that? What does anyone in and around Lake Geneva have to gain by keeping the road closed any longer than necessary?

GSR X-files reporters called the city for answers and they were told: “THE ROAD WILL OPEN AS SOON AS IT IS DONE…”
Utah Blaine said that, quoting screen lines from the Leonardo DaVinci film.

Update On Street Opening


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