The Bright Side

Frank’s Original Hot Dogs.
Franks is finally set to open on Memorial Day. There have been a lot of delays, but the wait should be worth it as this high quality, and some say unbeatable, hot dog at unbeatable prices finally opens on Broad Street in Lake Geneva.

Opening Frank’s Original Hot Dogs


The Jaycees are going around Lake Geneva and filling up sandboxes for free.
Do you have a sandbox that needs filling? Well, it’s your lucky day. The Lake Geneva Jaycees are going around and filling sandboxes for FREE! This Saturday, May 19th you can be one of their stops by contacting them ahead of time at What a great service the Jaycees are offering for the families in the area. The parents are sure to be pleased with this wonderful free service, and their kids will be pleasantly occupied for hours.


The accident on Highway 50 and Wells Street in Lake Geneva.
On Friday, the 11th of May, a semi turned in a great sweeping arc to move from Wells Street heading north onto Highway 50 going east, and trouble resulted. The semi clipped the light pole in front of KFC. The pole shook and then tottered and fell across Highway 50 striking an SUV. The traffic light embedded itself into that roof but the very solidly built Suzuki XL7 took the hit nicely, and nobody inside was injured. The accident was dramatic to see, and traffic was messed up for several hours as city crews worked to clear the wreckage.

Accident on Hwy 50 and Wells

More Hot Dogs

American Legion Hot Dog Stand Lake Geneva

Sons of the American Legion have cleaned up and made any repairs needed to open the hot dog stand. Opening Memorial Day weekend on the corner of Library Park and Wrigley Drive.

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