Covid vaccinations are on the decline in Wisconsin and Walworth County.
The current plateau is causing state and local municipalities to try to persuade and inform the public on the benefits of being vaccinated. There are over 2.1 million people in Wisconsin eligible for a first shot but have yet to receive it. This causes concern with doses being lost because the multi-dose vials have to be stored in special refrigerators and vaccinators only have so much time to utilize them before they expire. With Covid cases declining, people don’t necessarily believe they need to be vaccinated, so vials are being thrown out because the demand isn’t there.

The Walworth County Public Health Officials are trying to help with this by encouraging the public to take advantage of walk-in Covid vaccination clinics. The county hosts these clinics from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Health and Human Services building on Highway NN in Elkhorn. Some clinics are even offering incentives to people if who get vaccinated. With cases going down and the spread of Covid rapidly declining, schools have now made masks optional for students and faculty. There were some relieved faces as the kids headed to school Monday morning.  That relief can be short-lived if the kids and other family members get the virus, and especially so if any of them die.  Get vaccinated.  It works and there’s no downside.


Lake Geneva’s emergency proclamation is about to run out.
The city council met last week and discussed the proclamation that was due to expire on June 14, 2021. Since the pandemic began the emergency proclamation was activated in order for the mayor to handle any unexpected emergencies that need immediate action and cannot wait for the council to meet. The proclamation was activated for a month or a few at a time and extended each time, until this month. The city council is hesitant to extend the proclamation after June 14th. One of the reasons for extending and for not extending the emergency proclamation is the downtown businesses. With the proclamation, the downtown businesses were permitted to display items on or in front of their storefront in order to assist in sales and keep the public a little safer and socially distanced.

At this same city council meeting, it was permitted right before the proclamation discussion that The Wicked Poke Hut and The Farmstand were both permitted to have small outdoor café areas on the sidewalk. Without an extension on June 14th the proclamation would expire and so would the outdoor cafes. Hedlund stated that he has received complaints regarding the downtown having too much going on outside of the businesses. Alderperson Fessenmiesr did not agree and made an amendment to refer this issue to the next appropriate committee and give the public time at the podium to speak on their behalf. The city attorney is also looking into how this all works, and if bits and pieces can be taken and extended. Then there is the issue of pandemic relief financial possibilities in the near future that an emergency proclamation may be a qualifier. The next Lake Geneva City Council meeting is Monday, May 24th and the issue will be on the agenda.

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