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Dimitri, from his exposed position at curbside on Wrigley Boulevard, strikes again.
But that may not be for long. Dimitri is applying for permission to take his personal back door to the back door of Popeye’s Restaurant. He wants a separate entry for employees only. That would be for him, presumably. Quite possibly the other doors of the restaurant will not accommodate him anymore, anyway.   Dimitri Anagnos, the man seeming like he is attempting to be some sort of morph of a Star Trek Klingon mixed with Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky, has been attempting to get people coming into Popeye’s Restaurant to sign petitions that are designed to draw support away from Mayor Tom Hartz and Roger ‘Rabbit’ in their attempts to turn Wrigley into some sort of destination ‘walking only’ park. Since Lake Geneva has recently been awarded the title of “best small town for adventure,” by the powers that be this year, it is only fitting that some sort of Sopranos kind of force is located dead center in the heart of the city to give it a dark counterpoint.


The bum’s rush.
The Lake Geneva Police and Fire awards went swimmingly last Thursday night. The one exception was the awarding of two small plaques to Speedo Condos for his service on the Police and Fire Commission. Speedo got only a short tour on that board. Jim Connors, former ‘Gumby’ Mayor, and Dennis “Air” Jordan, the former city administrator of poor intent and even poorer performance, ‘live’ on that board, their places never expiring without renewal, and will probably still be there after their ashes are strewn about cemetery park one day.

Actually, they’ll probably get markers in that cemetery. Jim’s will have his name and then a chiseled inscription that might read: “You’re so vain, you probably think this stone is about you.”   Dennis will have a simpler inscription, although the letters will be more to the point: “Lick me.” Gumby and “Air Jordan” once ruled the City of Lake Geneva from shared driver’s seats. Now they rule it using artificial intelligence, as typified by smooth as peanut butter Tom Hartz, and their forever positions (like the stamps the USPS sells, and about as valuable) from the sidelines. Connors, Jordan, Hartz, Draper, and the Lutheran Church leadership, present and former, still comprise the ‘good old boys’ power structure in Lake Geneva, with a few younger applicants waiting and betting in the weeds (think Skates and Slavney).

Like McNamara, in his plan to populate combat zones in Vietnam with American kids who could not read or write (it was called Project 100,000) Hartz

Spyro 'Speedo' Condos Lake Geneva

‘Speedo’ Condos owner of Speedo’s Harborside Grill

is appointing citizens to serve on committees and commission in Lake Geneva with applicants who’ve only lived in the city or around the lake for one year or less. Yes, these new appointees are all from downtown Chicago, or thereabouts. Go figure.

Spyro ‘Speedo’ Condos, the man who served as mayor for eight years, city alderperson for more and then sat on too many commissions and committees to publish here, got treated like a decimated old and rather worthless local character. He deserved better. Speedo is a wonderful man who’s made tremendous contributions to the advancement of the community and he’s done it through many instances of the application of the expression “no good deed goes unpunished.” Thanks, Speedo, we at the GSR realize, understand and recognize your worth to the city, the lake and all of us who live and work around it. Please keep on keeping on for the benefit of all.

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