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Fire at Wisconsin Precision Castings brought many departments together early Sunday morning.
The factory at 300 Interchange North suffered an interior fire at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, the scene remained active throughout the morning and was not cleared for regular traffic until early afternoon. Fortunately, the factory was vacant at the time and damage was minimal. The business was able to open on Tuesday morning as they hoped. The Lake Geneva Fire and Police Departments, along with mutual aid from most of the surrounding departments, moved in fast to stop the fire. The Racine Fire Bells were there, and as always, went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the fire and police crews hydrated, fed, and comfortable. This wonderful group of volunteers is a great comfort to the crews and draws the community together with the service departments that work so hard for the people in the community. The Bell’s went around to local businesses to collect donations for the men and women working. The Next-Door Pub donated several Pizzas, the Mobil Station on Interchange North donated water, ice, and snacks, and McDonald’s donated a large number of burgers.

Precision Castings Fire

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Al Exner Lake Geneva

Al Exner is very proud and dedicated to the Lake Geneva community. He is loved by many and Lake Geneva is happy to call him a lifetime local.



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