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The American Legion Post Hot Dog Stand is Open!
Saturday morning the little stand, nestled between the Lake Geneva Library and the Riviera Beach on Wrigley Drive, opened its doors and a line formed quickly. Even with the well known, and well visited, restaurants just a few steps away, there is no real competition when it comes to getting a fresh, high quality (fast and low cost) hot dog.

American Legion Hot Dog Stand Lake Geneva


Sun and fun created a full house in Lake Geneva and a successful Memorial Day weekend for the entire Geneva Lake area.
The traffic was heavy, and the foot traffic was so great at times that it was like walking through a crowded event, instead of a good-sized town. The wonderful weather played a big part in the weekend’s success and created a perfect venue for outdoor activities on and around the lake. The grand finale of the weekend was the Annual Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. The Lake Geneva Fire Department parked its big ladder truck in the drive of Visit Lake Geneva, and then proudly displayed the American Flag. The American Legion Post, the Lake Geneva Police and Fire Departments and the many school marching bands, moving slowly and wonderfully down Broad Street made this Memorial Day Parade and the ceremony in Flat Iron Park a day to remember.

Memorial Day Weekend

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