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Main Street, Lake Geneva…
Or is it the street that looks like it leads to hell?
We Energies, that gas company full of hot air and gas, tears up Main Street at the same time the rest of Highway 50 in front of the library in downtown Lake Geneva is torn up for rebuild and repair. They came in and cut a long deep hole to lay whatever gas “eggs” We Energies lays, and then they paved over the cut with a slice of asphalt. They left the rest of the street with this gash up and down it plus all the ugliness the workers added to the remainder of the street’s surface while they laid their gas eggs.

And then they left. The inspector says, “that’s it,” they aren’t going to do anymore. We Energies is a monopoly utility, and it damn well does what it pleases on the easements everyone is forced to sign to get the life-giving winter energy from them. The remainder of Main Street past the library is redone. It’s new asphalt from end to end and side to side like it is supposed to be. Like it was contracted to be. That new part of the road should open, as this issue of the GSR is being published. What of the mess left by We Energies from Broad Street to Wrigley/Cook? It can’t stay looking like it does all summer.

See the photo in this issue. Where’s the city’s leadership when it comes to making Lake Geneva look like the idyllic, decent and attractive little piece of America’s heartland that it certainly is supposed to be?

Main Street City of Lake Geneva

After We Energies leave main Street Lake Geneva

This is a photo of what We Energies, the hot air filled gas company, left for the City of Lake Geneva to clean up.
What a lousy move on their part, although not unexpected.


Repurposing the Riviera.  The secretive process that Lake Geneva’s leadership is going through is hurting the small businesses that have run shops on the first floor of the Riviera complex for many successful years.  These business owners don’t know what’s coming and are not being consulted at all.  Some are planning on moving out to other locations because of the lack of communication and information.  What is the leadership of Lake Geneva contemplating for this space?  Rumors of a large restaurant coming in abound, and they have never been more telling than now because of Mayor Hartz’s current (Simple) restaurant business on Broad Street.

Business of the Week

Willow Studio 11 Williams Bay

Winslow Studio 11 Contemporary Fine Art & Wood Artistry is a wonderful little art studio, located at 90 North Walworth Ave in Williams Bay. This gallery has beautiful and unique works of art in many mediums from mostly local artists. Jackie and Anthony own and operate this studio, as well as create their own art.

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