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A “thank you” goes to whoever was responsible for cutting down the shrubs in Moss Park at the corner of Williams Street and George Street.
Despite numerous complaints over the last 10 years about those shrubs obstructing and blocking a clear view of oncoming traffic, they had remained year after year and continued to grow and block more of the view as they grew. The cutting down of those shrubs was probably directly, or indirectly, the result of the increased traffic being rerouted through George Street from the road construction on Main Street and Highway 120. But regardless of the cause “thank you” to whoever was responsible and to those who actually cut them down.

However, not all has gone this well with the road construction on Main Street and Highway 120. If you failed to use the Edwards Blvd extension to by-pass the construction of Hwy 50 between Center Street and Maxwell Street, then you lost, spent, or wasted a lot of time sitting in traffic watching pedestrians moving faster than your car. A bottleneck is not the right description. It was more like a stranglehold on city traffic. However, even this stranglehold on city traffic, like many disasters, may have a silver lining.

If the government would just learn from the incident, then perhaps instead of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the government could build a freeway along the border and effectively slow or stop all traffic crossing the border by keeping the road under constant repair and construction. Maybe they could even add a few disorienting roundabout detours and reroute even the most diehard crossers back home.

On a more serious note, most temporary detours in high traffic areas have people directing and guiding traffic through or around the blocked area. This should be done on weekends to coordinate and expedite the traffic flow through the detour and eliminate the required stop at each of the six intersections that the reroute goes through. Preparing for this is called planning, and the cost and planning needs to include the perspective of those whose traffic will be affected and not just those interested in doing the construction and meeting legal requirements.

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