November 15, 2015. You can stop paying for parking on that date. The parking meters are going to be shrouded this year to prevent the city from defrauding people who don’t know about the free parking in Lake Geneva. That will last all the way through February 29th of 2016. Why not longer? Who knows? The community can thank Sylvia, Lake Geneva’s Parking Czar for the shrouds. Sylvia’s a class act. Like Sabrina the city clerk, she’s a Jewel of the Nile, or at least of Lake Geneva.


Lake Geneva’s public bathrooms are now closed, except for the one’s down at the pier.
So just hold it, or stagger down to the pier. The pier bathrooms will probably be left open all winter in order to assist with the melting of ice around the base of The Riviera, although the coloration might be a problem. Should the rest of Lake Geneva’s bathrooms be open until things get really cold? Of course, but what has bladder rationality or relief got to do with anything?

Bathrooms Lake Geneva Library Park closed

The bathrooms by the Library in Lake Geneva. Lovely wonderful things. And clean, and neat. And closed for the year! Sometimes there is no science in city government although from the look of most city leaders it might appear that prostates should be important to them!


Snow shoveling.
Yes, it’s almost that time of year. The small businesses up and down the streets of downtown Lake Geneva will be legally and morally responsible to shovel the city owned sidewalks in front of their businesses. It doesn’t matter whether the owners/operators of those businesses are old or infirm, or not even there. Fines for not shoveling in time are frequent and obnoxious. Mike Kocourek’s tenants, all twenty-six of them don’t have to worry. Mike is a better businessman than Lake Geneva’s governmental leaders. He has all his properties shoveled after every snowfall and there’s no charge to the businesses that are fortunate enough to rent from him. When is the City of Lake Geneva going to wake up and decide that the Chamber of Commerce has little to do with Lake Geneva’s commerce? The small businesses, and the people who frequent them, do. Come on!


Yeah, the leading clerical person at the Utility Department is leaving for retirement, and she’s mad as hell. It seems that she feels that Utah Blaine, Lake Geneva’s City Administrator and heroic gunfighter, is wrong to pursue trying to bring the Utility Department under city control. There’s a bunch more clerical people over there under Dan Winkler’s control. What are they all there for? Well, they’re quite possibly on staff to start counting the coming revenue the (37%) rate increase is going to give them, for one thing. Why replace Cindy, the lead clerk, at all? Yes, why indeed? Who are those guys, anyway, and what are they doing over there? Get out your six-shooter Utah!

Grandest Person in Our Place

Lavonne form Dealz of Delevan

Lavonne. The best deal in Delavan? It’s either at Dealz of Delavan or it’s Lavonne herself. And it’s her birthday. Twenty-nine, or so they say. A wonderful woman running a perfectly delightful resale store that’s the front part of great comfy bowling alley. Go in and meet her. You will not be disappointed.


And the Grandest Place to be in Our Place

Tristan Crist Magician Lake Geneva

Tristan Crist and Nancy Troia sitting outside of their new operation in downtown Lake Geneva. These two people are wonderful and Trist has magic running though him to be able to find and work with such neat people. Get a ticket. We got five in the front row!

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