Town of Linn.
The Town of Linn needs firefighters.  The town pays for all training, uniforms, and any other expenses necessary to support each and every firefighter.  Why become a volunteer firefighter in the Town of Linn?
1.  Society has opened a special place in its heart (since 9/11) for firefighters.  Enjoy the benefit of that kind of public approval.
2. Join a small ‘band of brothers’ that is elite, tightly held together, and composed of some truly great people.
3.  Get the best training in so many areas that can flow right over into private life…for life.
4. Work with the very best equipment, from trucks, cars, and boats, not to mention drones and submersibles.
5.  Get to know the community in-depth, the kind of depth most citizens will never come to know or understand.
6.  Work closely with the Town of Linn police department, also made up of really terrific citizens.
7.  With the new ‘compact’ of the departments around Geneva Lake all throwing in to support one another a volunteer gets the opportunity to meet a whole raft of other great men and women.

Call the Town of Linn to let that town know that you want to help it get through this tough time. 262 275 6300 is the number.  The chief of the department is a great guy, as well as his assistant.  Public service returns so much more than many people understand to the people who volunteer to provide the services.  Call the Chief: 262 275  6300 and get started.


There’s no. question that Green Bay Packer fans will be backing Aaron Rodgers.
Packer fans are Packer fans unto death, or even through the worst of news.  That Rodgers, the quarterback, lied about being vaccinated and continues to lie about bogus claims that the vaccinations are ineffective or unsafe, probably won’t really hurt him, even if the team keeps on losing.  It is just the way fandom is these days.  That people may die because of his enormous influence as a giant star will never be attributed to him.  He walks through life unscathed and arrogantly unaffected.

It will be interesting as the football season continues and plays out.  It also is apparent that many of the players on the Green Bay team remain like Rodgers, unvaccinated.  Matt LaFleur, the near-magical coach of the Packers proved he’s not that well held together either when it comes to the human social condition. He backed Rodgers, and the other unvaccinated Packers, as being allowed to make their own personal choices.  Of course, the decision to fail to get vaccinated is a personal choice, but it’s personal for a whole lot of people around those who decide to risk them, as well as themselves.

It was interesting that Aaron Rodgers chose the costume of a movie character named John Wick…a killer of other men, for Halloween.  The Packers won on Sunday, so there’s no question that Aaron Rodgers knows what he’s doing when playing football, it’s also evident that he knows little about anything else, and the general public can only hope that he will enter into a time of silence.

Person of the Week

Peter Strauss at Lambeau Filed

Intrepid Packer fan visiting St. Norbert College as many college-bound seniors check out what their futures will hold. Lambeau Field is a big attraction. That’s Peter, our publisher’s grandson, by the way.


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