Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront met last week, and the cashless beach was discussed.
The discussion did not include the question the GSR has been trying to get answered: “When was the final approval from the council given for the beach to go cashless?” The discussion was regarding what apps to use to replace cash payment to enter the beach.

Thank goodness Alderperson Fessenmaier is paying attention and stopped the discussion before it got too far and asked why are we voting and recommending what apps to use before the issue is approved? The first talk of a cashless beach was at last month’s Piers, harbor, and lakefront meeting which didn’t really result in a cashless recommendation it resulted in a recommendation to increase the beach rate.

When the item got to the next FLR meeting the recommendation was looked over and that meeting had approved amendments resulting in a vote for a cashless beach. The next step would have been to go to a city council meeting and vote, but two city council meetings have come and passed, and the item never made it on an agenda. The committee fumbled a bit and passed the ball from the city administrator to the city attorney to the city clerk no one really knew what the answer was.

Needless to say, the beach is not cashless yet and the issue will be on agenda at the next Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront meeting. The committee can then ask further questions of the harbormaster who was on vacation during this last meeting and vote on whether or not it should be cashless and send its recommendation to the next committee before it goes for a final decision at the city council.


Thanksgiving is coming up quickly on Thursday, November 25th.
This is the perfect holiday to show gratitude, give back to those who’ve been wonderful in your life, and enjoy the consumption of great food. Family and friends will be planning for the grand gathering around the tables all across the city and sharing warmth and appreciation for one another.

Not everyone has the means to make this happen, however, and some do not have people to share the day with. Complimentary community Thanksgiving meals are being planned to ensure no one is hungry or experiences the holiday alone.

The 14th Annual Walworth County Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th. The dinner will be prepared, picked up, or delivered from Hawk’s View Golf Club. To get on the list to receive a meal, or to help in preparing the meals, call 262-749-4621. Several different Walworth County churches will also be hosting Thanksgiving meals for those in need. It’s not too early to plan your holiday and help plan for those who can’t do those preparations (or afford them) themselves.


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