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This holiday is all about gratitude and celebrating blessings. The day is commonly spent with family and friends and involves feasting and football. For anyone who may not have the means or a group to spend it with, local communities are coming together to provide just that with a warm inviting feeling of belonging.

The Walworth County Food Pantry and Diaper Bank is hosting a Thanksgiving Meal at the Matheson Memorial Library (in Elkhorn) on Thanksgiving Day from 12:00 p.m. through 3 p.m… Reservations are required and can be made at the Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce, the Walworth County Food Pantry, or by contacting John Hughes by phone at 262-581- 3389, or you can email at john.hughes@walworthcountyfoodp antry.org. Many sponsors have come together to make this meal happen. A big thank you to The Sergi Family Foundation, Stowell’s Catering, Lake Geneva Country Meats, Old Glory Farms of Wisconsin and The Matheson Memorial Library.

The 10th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner (formerly called the Elks Complimentary Dinner) is inviting everyone to a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. in the pavilion at the Town of Delavan Community Park. The meal is complimentary, carry-outs are available, and deliveries to any homebound people are available by calling ahead of time at 262-749- 4621. St. John the Divine Church on Chandler Boulevard in Burlington is also having a free community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day from 12:00 p.m. until 2 p.m. They will also be doing deliveries for those who’ve requested meals ahead of time. It’s great to see all the local communities gathering together and giving back. Happy Thanksgiving.

Riviera Remodel.
Work is finally scheduled to begin on the Riviera Complex. Initially, the iconic structure is scheduled for a full roof replacement, tuckpointing and window replacement. MSI has completed the ACM and lead paint survey, as well as the underwater pier inspection. The Renaissance Company will be doing the work and they have already selected the material for the clay roof. All that’s left is to confirm the layout of the first floor so window size and count can be done. A lot of meetings, presentations and decisions were required before the job could be started. The Riviera is a historical building and many decisions were needed to ensure the preservation of that history. SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) was brought in on the decision making to help protect the historic nature of the structure, and to get the Riviera state acknowledgment of its historical significance.

Before the exciting transformation can begin, however, the mobilization of scaffolding has to commence. The east, west, and south sides will have scaffolding starting on January 6th, while the north side (or front of the building) will get scaffolding right after Winterfest ends. Work on the roof and tuckpointing will start on February 3th, window replacement is scheduled to begin mid-March, and if all goes well it should all be done by April 30th. The first floor and ballroom renovations can begin at that point. The businesses currently housed in the Riviera are all planning on being open by the summer season of 2020, except for Ba’s Ba’s. So far it has not renewed its lease.

The future could bring another whole situation as the first floor of the Riviera could have a whole new design and way of functioning, with a new open bright look. Many decisions and plans still need to be confirmed before too much more progress can be made as every phase of this restoration effects the next phase.

Thanks for Giving

This painted rock from one of the readers out in California says it all.

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