The Care For Lake Geneva Legal Settlement is in about Hummel.

Herein are printed excerpted quotes from some of the correspondence between the city’s attorney and the insurance company attorney:

From: Dan Draper, Lake Geneva City Attorney

July 28, 2011

To: Joseph M. Wirth (insurance company attorney)

“Dear Joe:

I probably need to appear at a closed session on August 8th to discuss the above before the public hearing on August 22nd to approve the change recommended by the planning commission.

The aldermen need to be advised concerning their actions on the 22nd. I believe there is a lot of pressure being placed upon them. For instance, one alderman has been informed that Hummel has an endless supply of money and if the change is approved, he is going to present a plan for approval, get the plan approved, then he is going to install the improvements, and then abandon the project out of spite. I know that is ridiculous. They need assurance and guidance on any action. The recommendation that came from the planning commission was that ‘they believed (the planning commission members) an issue this important requires a public hearing.’ I need moral support in explaining what is happening and what they are required to do…”


From: Joseph M. Wirth

August 17, 2011
To: Dan Draper

“Dear Dan:

I am told that there are two articles in today’s Lake Geneva Regional News about the vote on Monday. One is online, one is not. The one that is not online apparently contains interviews with council members. Can you track the article down and make sure it doesn’t do any harm?”

What an utter load of crap was being conducted through attorneys back when the public was left in the dirt (there was no public hearing) and the only local newspaper (at the time) was being “tracked down” to see what “harm” they might be causing and how it could be limited. House of Cards has nothing on these players. What you are having revealed, week by week, as you read the Geneva Shore Report, will be a directional arrow that goes right straight into the beating heart of Lake Geneva and the arrow is called contract zoning. More, even juicier stuff, to come.


Two Grand People in OUR PLACE

Grandest People of the Week Lake Geneva

Two wonderful women who will make you smile and even laugh if you get the chance to talk to. Chris Petersen runs Geneva Java, one of the surviving two coffee shops in the downtown area and Lindsay keeps parking efficient and under control.


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