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The Lake Geneva Tourism Commission:
This great group is attempting to get the word out regarding tourism grants which are available to help fund events, attractions, and ideas that would benefit Lake Geneva’s Tourism and put “heads in beds”.  At the last Tourism Commission meeting, one of the items up for discussion was the high price of advertising the grants and other ways to get the word out. The Regional News price was high, close to $900.00. It is on the Lake Geneva website, but it can be tricky to find. It can also be found on the website by going to the “government section”, then clicking on the boards and committees 2019, and then clicking on tourism commission, which directs you to grant guidelines and applications. That, along with word of mouth, the BID (which Bridget offered at the meeting to help for free) and social media are always a good option, which may include the GSR?

The idea of putting ‘heads in beds’ seems to have a different meaning to the commission members. The obvious and literal meaning some members have is an event that would make it necessary for visitors to stay one or more nights in Lake Geneva. Others look at heads in beds as any event (even if it doesn’t include an overnight stay) that creates a good feeling, enjoyment, and impresses the visitor enough to make them want to come back and stay longer next time, as well as recommend Lake Geneva as a great place to visit.

The Lake Geneva Business Improvement District is losing a most vital member of its team.
Bridget Leech the Executive Director of the BID, for close to three years, has recently put in her resignation. She will be leaving the BID before the new-year starts. Bridget may be leaving her position at the BID, but she is not leaving the area. When speaking with Bridget, her love for the community and her job is very evident and it was clear her decision to resign did not come easily. She will be difficult to replace at the BID, as her excellent work ethic and enthusiasm have been top-notch. Bridget is excited about the future and looks forward to helping in the community as a volunteer when needed, and most of all, she is looking forward to continuing to be the best new mom she can be and spending more time with her family.

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