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Tina Trahan, the owner of most of the building called Stone Manor, the largest structure on the lakefront, is about to do another of her “Angel of Geneva Lake” acts to benefit everything living around the lake, and quite a few visitors, as well.  Tina expressed earlier in the week, during a long telephone call to the Geneva Shore Report, that it is her intention to open up at least part of the structure to the public, much as has been done with the great home on Black Point.  At one time it was her intent to direct the remodel of the building’s interior to make the whole structure (less the single condo she does not own) into a huge single-family home.  She did not indicate whether that still might be something she wants to do in the future, but for right now she thinks the public would be better served by having every effort be made by the interior designers to accommodate tours of many different sizes.

Whether those tours, that Tina is targeting next spring for starting, would include the highly popular boat tours run by Gage Marine.  The complexities are many, which some of her planning and construction people are already seeing to.  For example, the structure needed to be made compliant to the requirements imposed by the Americans with Disabilities act.  Large video displays are likely to go up so that visitors will be able to see and enjoy much of the material available that goes back through the many changes and decorating that has helped make Stone Manor so very interesting. Probably less than five percent of the population currently residing around Geneva Lake have ever been inside it.  Now that is all about to change.  Tina is going to continue to pay the property taxes and all the expenses of the build-in.  There are likely to be fees associated with the tours, however, as those expenses will also have to be met on a continuing basis.

Tina’s love for Geneva Lake, and the City of Lake Geneva, in particular, knows no bounds. She is also quite wonderful for not trying to pressure the small condo owner to sell out to her.  The GSR has made a few video presentations that have gone up on the GSR website and on the GSR Facebook page, but it is very difficult to really take in the quality and the great beauty of the interior, as the builders finish their work.  What parts of the building would be open to people on the tours is not a settled issue yet, but the GSR will have the information soon, which means the public will have it too.   It might be hard to imagine that a person like Tina Trahan is not acting in her own self-interest in a situation like this, but be assured that she is not.

Tina owns many homes across this nation and Stone Manor is neither the largest nor the most expensive.  What Stone Manor has that is special is a piece of her heart.  She was raised in Lake Geneva and keeps coming back, because, we all are drawn to return to our early home.  It is the good fortune of Lake Geneva to be that early home for this very special woman.

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