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The presidential election is less than a week away.
This election is certainly going to one for the history books. Mail-in and absentee ballots are being submitted at record rates, sometimes as much as fifteen times more than were submitted in 2016. When the polls physically open on Tuesday everyone voting in person should be prepared for long lines with the people voting all separated by the required social distancing…extending lines potentially around blocks or along main roads. The Lake Geneva city hall is ready for the onslaught. Masks and distancing are required, not optional. Voting will open at seven in the morning and close at eight that Tuesday night. The city municipal building polling location will be the only location that will be allowed to be used this year. The virus has changed everything and voting has not been excluded from the changes.

No matter who you support, or don’t, go in and vote. It’s the American way and the right thing to do.


Last Wednesday night the Finance, Licensing, and Regulation committee met.
The meeting began with a presentation from Ehlers Public Finance Advisors, regarding potential borrowing options for the city. The firm presented two borrowing options to the City of Lake Geneva and broke each down to show the cost and tax impact it would have on the city’s budget and the residents.

Both included the Riviera and capital projects, but option two came in higher because it also included equipment replacement. The fire department is in need of a new pumper truck and a new mobile command station that is shared with the police department. The other funds would be used to improve roads, sidewalks, storm sewers, and some roofs that need replacing. The committee passed option two so they could take advantage of the low-interest rates. Then the committee discussed the city’s lease agreements with Lake Geneva Boat Line and Marina Bay. Before the leases could be formally drawn up the decision had to be made about how long the leases would be for and the rate the boat companies would be charged. The committee agreed on a four-year lease for both businesses, as well as charging both the non-resident property owner rate.

And the $9, 420,000 loan was approved on Monday by the council.

The last discussion was about increasing the hotel room tax rate as a way to bring in more money that could possibly help pay for the Riviera redevelopment project. It was proposed to raise the rate from 5% to 8% starting January 1, 2021, and a motion to do so passed.

Persons of the Week

Jake's Grass Plus Lake Geneva

Jake & Nicole Beemstra a great local couple with a great local lawn care business “Jake’s Grass Plus“.

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