Foxconn is at it again, and the media says as much about it as the current state leadership of Wisconsin, which is nothing.
What are they doing?  Foxconn is now in the electric car business a second time.  First, it bought Fisker, the electric sports car company that just couldn’t seem to make it on selling $150,000 two-seaters, and now it’s bought another failed electric pick-up truck company called Lordstown, of all things.  Oh, is it going to build either or both of these cars in Wisconsin, where it promised to do so much?


It’s taking its auto construction to another state…and that state would be Ohio.  So, the dog and pony show of Foxconn is off to another state.  Fresh meat, although the old moldering meat, left to lay there like a dead pig in the sun, lurks behind it.  Foxconn is promising the production of 250,000 electric cars and trucks by 2025.  Now that is more high humor.  Wisconsin must be getting ready to do something, after Foxconn bailed on all of its promises, not even bothering to try to rebuild their new failed car and truck companies in Racine.  What kind of bone did Foxconn toss to the ‘voracious wolf’ of a predator of Wisconsin?

They are going to hire 1500 people in Wisconsin by the end of 2023.  They promised.  Wisconsin bought it.  The offer does not say Wisconsin people though, but why should it?  These Foxy cretins have been pulling the wool over Wisconsin leaders for a few years now, after honing their skills in Pennsylvania.  Maybe, the best thing might be to wish that awful Asian company well and encourage Ohio to give them a bunch of tax money and breaks.  Drive down to Racine and check out the few buildings Foxconn has built there.  You will find, if you count closely, about a hundred cars…and that’s it.  So much for Foxconn promises.


The fast-food hub of Lake Geneva may be a little harder to get to for the next week, or so. Utility work on Wells Street began Monday morning, extending from the intersection of Main Street at Wells, and on through to Cass Street. Water Main construction will close this portion of Wells Street, however, access to businesses along the route will remain open. The YMCA and Joni’s Dinner can be entered from the Southside of Wells Street by driving around the barricades. Burger King, KFC, The Clothes Line Laundry, and Mama Caminos can be entered from the Northside of Wells Street. McDonald’s can be entered from the west entrance on South Lakeshore Drive.

To avoid delays, plan your route accordingly and follow the posted detour signs.  Free parking is getting close to (starting November 15th) so there is no need to strategically plan where and when to park to avoid parking costs and fines. The free parking season is not as long as it used to be, now ending February 1st. Parking revenue continues to be on the rise, however.  August 2021 parking brought in $333,000 which is more than the last two Augusts combined!

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Andrew Gruber Avant Coffee Shop Lake Geneva

Andrew Gruber, the wonderful guy behind the counter at . He makes a great cup of coffee and his music selection is comforting and affable.


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