The coming New Year’s Eve Gala.
Charlene Klein is serving up the New Year’s Celebration at the Riviera as the third part of her triumvirate of success over the revamping and rebuilding of the Riviera Pier Complex.  The price is $75.00 per person and expects the tickets to be sold out the day they hit the market, which they have not yet.  The success of her last gala was quite surprising and quite extensive, raising $68,000 for the police and fire departments of Lake Geneva.  This time around, the buy-in will be considerably lower (the last gala came in at 200 to 300 depending upon what level of treatment an attendee might select.  There will be no VIP tickets for the New Year’s Eve Gala, but it will also not be a catered event.  One can expect the Rotary Club to be there with its ‘traveling salvation army’ kind of portable bar, however.


Is there any wonder?
Lake Geneva rebuilds and remakes the Riviera Pier Complex, puts in new streets, argues about all sorts of improvements and new developments (like the new giant BP on Highway Fifty, and the Dunkin Donuts that is going inside) while considering new traffic signals and even more development.  What’s going on in Williams Bay, Fontana, Walworth, and Town of Linn?  Nothing.  The action is in Lake Geneva, and that’s not simply because of its terrific positioning alongside Geneva Lake.

No, it’s an attitude. Chicago does not send its citizens up to the lake in order to enjoy or experience the other communities around the lake.  Visits to those places are incidental.  They come up to experience Lake Geneva, the city.

Gage Marine well understands. Its boats are harbored and housed in Williams Bay, but they ferry and carry their passengers from piers located at the Riviera Pier complex.  The old tax situation, wherein all the communities used to contribute to the building and maintenance of Lake Geneva (called the TIFF) needs to be brought back.  The City of Lake Geneva might be sitting right on the edge of Geneva Lake but most of the expensive lake property is located in the other towns, hence the property tax money all goes to them.  Sharing needs to be put back into the bargain if everyone around the lake is going to enjoy the delights of Lake Geneva as we know it today.

Place of the Week

ZAAB Corner Bistro Lake Geneva

ZAAB Corner Bistro is a wonderful place. It has moved into the old Medusa unit and has even refurbished the old sign. The food is fabulous and the people are great!


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