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September is National Suicide Prevention Month.
This is a time when individuals and organizations will be drawing attention to the problems with suicide and advocating ways that this terrible tragedy can be prevented. Suicide is a problem across the nation and ranks second in the cause of death for people ages 10 to 34. This is especially true these days, with the fires, the elections, and the virus. On a daily, near hourly, basis people just don’t know what to expect.  Of particular concern are the security of jobs, the economy, and the paying of bills.

Locally there’s been a rise in suicides among high school students, and that needs to be noted and given immediate attention. With all the community unrest and COVID-19, life has gotten more difficult and many times more than a little overwhelming. Now is the time to share resources and shed some light on this topic. Now is the time to ask family and friends about how their lives are going.  Counseling and therapy from family and friends is often the most effective. Some signs to look for in someone who may be struggling and needing help are; demonstrating excessive lows or sadness, excessive worrying or fear, avoiding friends, giving up social activities,  changes in sleeping habits with signs of tiredness, or having low energy.

If someone is showing symptoms and needs professional help there are many resources available, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or texting NAMI to 741-741. Understanding the issues surrounding suicide and mental illness is important to help prevent suicide and a great way to help start a conversation about these illnesses. By starting a conversation and providing support suicide can be prevented and lives can be saved.


New Day Women’s Clinic.
This really neat place is located at 834 Geneva Street in Delavan.  It’s a special and unique clinic that offers one of a kind services that you can’t be found at other clinics in the general area. The staff at New Day Women’s Clinic is very excited to be open and servicing the community after a lot of hard work remodeling the space. When clients walk into the space they immediately feel relaxed and comforted with the beautifully colored walls, inviting furniture, and calming accents in every room. The staff’s top priority is for their clients to feel safe and to walk beside them for their entire journey, from beginning to end. They offer services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasound testing, therapy, case management, and parenting classes.

There is no charge for any appointments and all visits are given for free. In addition to those services, the clinic also offers material support wherein parents have the opportunity to earn free items for their children. The clinic has also partnered with other community organizations to help with medical, food, housing, educational, family, and job needs. When a woman makes an appointment at the clinic her case manager will sit down with her and discuss pregnancy options in a compassionate and supportive way to find the direction of her journey that is best for her. New Day Women’s Clinic is there to support women before, during, and after pregnancy.

If you’re looking for services or wishing to donate call 262-725-6977.

New Day Women’s Clinic

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