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Contract zoning is an agreement (written, verbal or understood) in which the landowner agrees to certain restrictions or conditions (agrees to build per an approved concept plan) in exchange for (previously turned down) zoning.
What part of “contract zoning,” do the city council members not understand? What were the tabulated results of the public comments about Hillmoor in the comprehensive plan public participation meetings? Virtually no one, other than the mayor, and a couple of council members have expressed any desire to change the current comprehensive plan’s designation of “private recreation,” or use the Hillmoor property for anything other than private recreation.

So, why even waste money on concept plans for a development that the residents do not want? What is the driving force behind these concept plans?

The driving force is to cover up and transfer the real responsibility for city personnel whose actions caused the Hillmoor lawsuit by authorizing the use of the drainage pond on the Hillmoor property for the shopping center on Edwards Blvd., north of Hwy 50, and other secret deals and right of ways which were made on the Hillmoor property. Approval of the concept plan transfers responsibility to the city council aldermen from city staff, and if approved it traps the aldermen into approving the zoning changes for that type of development is proposed, which if approved it will be. Once the zoning is changed, then it also opens up the area to any development compatible with that zoning.

Current Wisconsin laws have made it very difficult to turn down any proposed development that meets all the zoning requirements. Although the comprehensive plan is not technically about zoning it is about land use, and zoning has everything to do with the particular requirements of what is built. There is a conspiracy behind the concept plans and its purpose is to cover the truth behind the Hillmoor lawsuits and who in the city had authorized the use of the drainage pond on the Hillmoor property for the shopping center.

Dec 29, 2016, Contract Zoning-Contract zoning occurs when a property owner and the governing body enter into an agreement that the property will be rezoned and the owner will accept the body’s use and design restrictions.”

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