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Plant a park memorial.
Someone died who you cared about and you want to plant a tree in a Lake Geneva public park to commemorate that life. Yes, this is a practice that is allowed, under certain conditions, of course. For one thing, the person who’s to be remembered, with a tree being planted and a marker being placed, has to be approved by the park board.

Does that mean that some people will be so honored and others will not be? Yes. Is that fair? No. Can you do anything about that? No. If approval is given, then the type of tree has to be selected. The park board and the street department must approve of the type of tree. The cost begins at $300.00 for the tree but can go up to $600.00 depending on the kind of tree and age. No, you don’t get to buy the tree, the city does that. They also plant it for you. The granite marker, like a grave marker, must also be approved for material as well as content. Again, the park board must approve these. Expect to pay about a grand for the whole thing, but the tree will be there for a long time commemorating the loved one, should that loved one be the kind of former human the park board might find acceptable.

Wet at Our Place Tuesday, September 4

Dampened Fair Time

Walworth County Fair 2018

It was all fun, games, and food at the Walworth County Fair unless you got stuck in this muddy mess of a parking lot.


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