Little Gems

They are doing it again.
The local cell phone company called U.S. Cellular has turned off some of its nearby cell towers. They turned those dormant towers on three years ago when the GSR was running stories about how all five of the cell phone companies left in the nation were turning off most rural cell phone towers to save electrical expense money. The cell phone companies are not required by law to deliver any level of quality service to customers. The cell towers in rural areas that the cell companies use to provide service were built using taxpayer money. But no part of that contract, signed in 1999, held the cell phone companies to any measuring standard of how coverage would be distributed, and how complete that coverage had to be.

A few years after all the towers were built some accountant figured out that eight hundred dollars a month, per tower, could be saved if some towers were turned off. That led to the mass turn-off of cell phone towers around the entirety of the United States rural countryside. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for example, has nine cell phone towers located within two miles of its downtown area. They are all turned off. U.S. Cellular had turned their towers on to support the idea that, after the GSR reports about towers being deliberately turned off, they advertised themselves nationally as the rural service champion of cell phone company providers. They got a ton of business. So, they then turned the towers back off. They must figure that they will make more in saving the eight hundred bucks per turned off tower than they will lose from people figuring out that they have been taken.

Once again, the entire area around Lake Geneva is loaded with cell phone towers, but there is no quality cell phone coverage around Geneva Lake. What the cell phone companies are doing is illegal because they are colluding to deny service to customers. That is against federal law. They don’t care. What are you going to do, sue them? Quit carrying a cell phone? The real problem is in allowing such homologated monopolies in the first place. The cell phone companies have gotten together to act like a monopoly, just like the airline companies.


Lake Geneva Street Department hustles right in.
They changed that pesky “exit only” sign, located at the entrance (or exit) to the alley that runs east and west between Main and Wrigley Streets. Now, when driving up or down Broad Street and seeing the end of that alley, there’s a huge “DO NOT ENTER” sign instead of the other ineffective confusing one. What a wonderful way for the street department to react, and probably with the timely and accurate assistance of the wonderful Lake Geneva Police Department. Mike Rasmussen, greatest police chief in the world, is silently and brilliantly everywhere.

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Lucke's Cantina Williams Bay

Lucke’s Cantina (pronounced “Luckies”) restaurant and bar in Williams Bay is laid back, busy and has fantastic food (Mexican style) and great service. If you love the Marine Corps, the USA and fun, then this is the place for you…

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