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Assistant Chief Dan gets Tasered at the Town of Linn Pig Feast and his mind lights up.
The highlight of the entire grand success of the Town of Linn Fire Department Pig Roast was probably the lowlight for one man when it came time for him to make good on his word to be tasered if a fund for having him tasered ever reached five hundred dollars. Well, the fund reached that amount in no time at all last Sunday, and Chief Dan had to stand and take the Taser hit square in his back.   Down Dan went. He didn’t let out a sound, however, being the kind of tough firefighter he is.

It was wonderful to attend this event for everyone, and everyone included a few thousand people this year. The pork was straight out of the smoker, served steaming hot, along with the corn fresh from the fields nearby. What an event it was.   What came to Chief Dan when he came to?

BigFoot Beach. He had an epiphany. The beach needs to be extended out from the shore line another twenty or thirty yards with imported sand. Then a row of boulders needs to be brought in and place between the thin strip that stands between the road and the sand. The boulders will be put down to block rough waters during storms. A wall will then be constructed between the boulders and the edge of the road. It will be a small wall, no more than a couple of feet high, but it would redirect traffic to the last installation. That would be two pedestrian overpasses, each one built at different ends of the open exposed road. Chief Dan was not thinking politics, however. There are three entities involved in any decision about performing such brilliant and wise changes to a current situation fraught with danger (think of the two children injured in a traffic accident two weeks ago in that same area).

The City of Lake Geneva, the Town of Linn and the State Park are the three major entities. The DNR, the conservancy people and local citizens living in the area are another three, less direct but very potent entities, as well. Can these entities and people be brought together to agree on anything, even if it’s a great idea and would save lives? Could the Taser be used to motivate others who do not share the vision of the Chief’s epiphany?

The Venetian Festival is coming.
The 16th of August is the first day of this terrific event, sponsored by the local Jaycee chapter. The festival runs through the 20th.   The coming weekend ought to be a lot of fun, if the festival is as well attended as it has been through the years. Hopefully, the weather will be agreeable.

Linn Fire Department Pig Roast 2017

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