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The 8th annual Taste of Lake Geneva.
The taste is coming. September 9th will be the day. Flat Iron Park will fill up with booths and manned by employees and owners from every food purveyor around the lake. The entry fee is a low two dollars per person, and then, tastes are priced at anywhere between three and nine dollars, depending what you find and select. The Taste opens at 11am.


Mr. Ed’s Magical Midway Show last week at Venetian Days.
They swept in like the wind. Overnight the big rides showed up, were put together using big steel bolts and rivets. Tents went up with the sound of electric hammers pounding away through all of the downtown. The entire set up for a complete and satisfying carnival went up overnight, and then sat vacant and quiet, waiting for the crowds due the next evening. They came. And they kept coming for three more days and on into the third night. And then the whole thing was disassembled and gone. By Monday morning there was nothing left except some gristle, hair and bone (as they say in Texas). Mr. Ed’s is a class act of the Wisconsin order. They perform only around the state from May through October, before going somewhere up north to hole up and heal their operation, to be ready to do it all over again the following season. The Lake Geneva Jaycees contract with Mr. Ed’s every year, since the Jaycees don’t have a clue about doing much other than sponsoring the event and getting a first-class firework show planned and executed to top the whole thing off. The Jaycees are as necessary as Mr. Ed’s, although they are not quite as visible, to the effect of making Lake Geneva a fine place to be in summer.

Maxwell Street Days

Maxwell Street Days Lake Geneva

Maxwell Street Days was wonderful until it rained. Then it came back on the last day.

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