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Everyone does not read the bible, and of those who do many don’t understand what is written in the scripture contained within it. The big meeting at Town of Linn last week, with respect to the coming new comprehensive plan, was not biblical in size, nature or intent. It required no preliminary understanding because there was nothing offered that might be understandable when the meeting was held. The meeting was touted to be a coloring session, with all interested parties in the Geneva Lake Community invited to work with little colored pencils, coloring in sections of an already colored map they were presented by the consultants hired by Town of Linn leadership.

Man in the blue Coat

The man wore a blue coat although the effect was certainly that of a man wearing a coat of many colors. He spoke in black and white but his program was of many colors. His intentions were as singular and pure as the blue of his coat but the result was a splintered program of many colors

Bait and switch started the meeting. The big city slicker in his colored sport coat started the meeting by making sure that everyone invited understood that of course only verifiable owners and residents of properties in the town would be coloring anything. Also, the main reason previously announced for the revamp of the town’s comprehensive plan, the controversy of high threat Lake Geneva Inn “we’ll annex to the City of Lake Geneva if you don’t allow us to commercially develop the waterfront,” was not to be discussed. Colored pencils were handed out by the man in the colored coat, pencils that wouldn’t work on the already colored in paper of the maps. The gathered flock was asked to color in areas in the town where different kinds of development should be planned. The flock didn’t know what to do.

Only one vibrant intelligent woman raised her voice to ask about the Geneva Inn and why the meeting wasn’t about dealing with that high threat issue. She was properly shushed by the man in the colored coat. The city slicker hired from the big metropolis, relatively speaking of Green Bay, stripped off his coat when some of the people at the front table complained that it was growing too hot for him to be wearing it. The biblical comparisons to the effort on that night were hard to ignore. In the scripture it reads: So they took Joseph’s tunic, killed a kid of the goats, and dipped the tunic in the blood.  Then they sent the tunic of many colors, and they brought it to their father and said, “We have found this.” “Do you know whether it is your son’s tunic or not?”

The man from Green Bay was not named Joseph, and his coat was never dipped in goat’s blood. In fact, it wasn’t of many colors. It was solid blue. The coloring effort was centered around the maps distributed about the tables where so many Town of Linn interested citizens sat waiting with their packs of pencils. Once it was determined that nobody could possibly scribble within impossible to see lines, on an ridiculous map, to figure out what developments should be planned ahead to put on their neighbors’ property, without their neighbors’ permission. The evening devolved into eating the wonderful delights of salami, cheese, cookies, lemonade and all sorts of other snacks that only people living out in the country and small towns could possibly think to bring, and do so without any charge whatever.

The Town of Linn, it was stated by the ‘man with the coat of many colors’, had grown by five hundred residents over the past twenty years and was likely to grow by another five hundred in the next twenty years. The residents all seemed to be of the same mind once that data was presented, and they thought about it for a bit. The people, almost to a man, woman and child, live in a sleepy, neat and laid back part of the USA and they like it. The town has grown slowly but steadily, as they’ve had kids and their kids have had kids. They spoke eloquently by not speaking at all. They want their community to remain sleepy, neat and laid back, and they want to do it with a lot of snacks, love and good will, without worrying about Chicago, the Dells or even Green Bay big business interests coming in to rend and put “goat’s blood” all over everything.


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