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Doug Skates now sits on the Lake Geneva City Council.
His visibility rose when he backed the Hillmoor development people against the citizens of his own district and city. To say that Skates is skating on thin ice is to intimate he has already started ice fishing out there, which might not be a bad idea for him with his rather torpid way of thinking. The GSR does not randomly pick on city leaders so there’s more to this small article on Doug Skates than randomness. It seems he was interviewed a few days ago and was asked about the Geneva Shore Report. His response generated this short paragraph after it was found that Mr. Skates believes the GSR is some kind of toilet publication. He referred to it as a “urinal” publication. The staff of the GSR does not take offense to Mr. Skates comment, although it does seem to indicate that he might spend an inordinate amount of time in washrooms. Nope. The GSR is perfectly comfortable with citizens, even rather blatantly selfish and immature ones such as Mr. Skates, who disagrees with what appears in its pages. The publication is all about creating enough controversy to cause people to stop and look at what’s going on around them. The publication is about exposing penetrating cold-hearted and mean-spirited efforts to enrich a few at the expense of the many. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind where Mr. Skates fits in here, and there?


Bread Loaf Book Store.
It’s one of the few independent bookstores left of its kind on the planet. This is the kind of bookstore that sells books, real books, as its only product. It sells the kind of hardcovers you can hold, thumb through, read and display in your home. If you buy your books at Bread Loaf, people who come for the holidays will at least think you can read (if you leave the books lying around). Bread Loaf also has book signings where living (no zombie) authors actually show up from time to time. On December 23rd, 2017, local author Dennis Lee Hague, the author of The Eyes of the Comet (a tale of an American slave from a unique perspective), will be there to prove that he’s not a zombie. He’s actually a wonderful author and great character. You may make a new valuable friend if you come in to buy his under-priced book.


The Lake Geneva battle for mayor.
So far it is Alan Kupsik and Tom Hartz facing off against one another without any other contenders. There are rumors of more contenders throwing their hats into the ring before the mid-January deadline for picking up papers passes. Alan Kupsik has been a decent mayor. He’s been the kind of man who has not taken real sides. He’s tried to remain objective. He didn’t even show up for the hugely attended plan change vote…the one with Hillmoor running right up and down the center of it. He’s a cagey man with a keen ability to stay out of trouble. Who can fault him for that?

Hartz, on the other hand, is a whipcord thin player who believes in taking risks. He started Simple Restaurant on a lark and it’s become one of the most successful eatery’s in the area. He went after the theater and got his nose flattened because he was too close to the decision-makers for the people (or the GSR) to endorse his effort. He was the one single voting member of the city council who could have prevented the Hummel fiasco. But he didn’t cast his vote for the city. He cast it for Hummel, after saying he was going to go with the citizenry. The song Slip-sliding Away was written and performed by Paul Simon. The lyrics could have been penned after Paul had a short meeting with Alan Kupsik. Tom Hartz, if he had a song, would probably have Burning Bridges written about him. “All the burning bridges that have fallen after me, all the lonely feelings and the burning memories…”

Mr. Kupsik is running again and he’s going to be tough to beat. He looks like a mayor, talks like a mayor, and acts like one too. Mr. Hartz has an eerie tendency to waddle and quack every once and awhile. Will the public make a race out of it by overlooking Mr. Hartz’ membership in the good-old-boys-club? That’s anybody’s guess, and there also may be more candidates before it comes to that.


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