Little Gems

Ross Dress for Less.
The store is approved. It’s coming in with a heated rush as the colder temperatures of Wisconsin’s winter abate in the spring of 2018. It’s a done deal. Is this kind of place that the residents around the lake really want? The cheapest? The lowest price no matter how much quality is sacrificed? Other discount “wholesale” operations have opened on the outskirts of Lake Geneva. TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Maurice’s to name a few. These stores tend to drain the downtown area of tourists and shoppers of all kinds. How many people come to town, walk around looking through the downtown retail establishments, and then go to the outskirts of the city to purchase from the discount sellers? Is that what the citizenry of Lake Geneva really wants?

Ross Dress for Less


Green Grocer.
The Green Grocer, located in one of Williams Bay’s historical buildings, is a deli and grocery store and has recently opened a large dining room for wine tasting, groups, and special events.  The Green Grocer is a neighborhood general store with the nostalgic feel of the movie set from Back to the Future. It has original wooden floors, brick walls and a screen door with a cowbell.   There’s no standing in a long line at the checkout, nor will you feel rushed in the stress-free environment.  You may find yourself taking time to read the labels and wondering why you haven’t shopped there before.  They have an extensive variety of gluten-free organic options when it comes to purchasing groceries, or ordering from the deli menu. Step back in time and feel young again (unless you are young) when you order a freshly made deli sandwich, soup, or homemade salad.  This store is anything but general and has been at 24 West Geneva Street for eight and half years.


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