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After record cold, record snow?
These days of global temperature rises have created a Wisconsin winter landscape that is both highly unpredictable and also rapidly changing. Over the past few days Lake Geneva’s snow accumulation has gone from below normal (31 inches) to above normal and headed for much greater heights if the undependable predictions hold to be true. The pine trees around Geneva Lake are weighted down but quite beautiful. The roads are iffy, especially in the morning following snowfalls at night. The lake is one white expanse of solid ice averaging over a foot thick following the long cold spell in January. The heavy snow is preventing decent ice boating and skating. The ice fishermen, however, are happy as clams out on the lake doing whatever it is that ice fisherman ‘do’ in those shanties.

Weather Report February 12, 2018


Scott O’Neill came to Lake Geneva to die.
The identity of the dead body that was found in the back seat of a Land Rover parked along the eight hundred block of Wisconsin Street was finally determined and released for publication. The man was from Chicago and not known to be local in any way, other than by his presence in the city at the very end of his life.

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Cartoon of the Week
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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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