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The City of Lake Geneva needs to decide on a new city attorney.
Of all men serving the City of Lake Geneva, none have been as wrong in as many situations as has the man elected to serve as the city’s attorney. Whether it is a decision on parking, the Hummel development, Hillmoor or even the development and potential annexation of the Geneva Inn, this man has proven to be wrong time and again. His mantra is simple. “If you don’t think my decision is the right one, then sue the city.” He knows full well that lawsuits against municipalities are frightfully expensive to begin, and then, even more, to proceed with. This projected attitude has allowed for the continued and blatantly illegal joint ownership of parking meters, between the city and private citizens. The nightmare of the Hummel situation and the ensuing lawsuit they won was based upon a bad council decision but then opened up to really expensive liability because of decisions made by Dan Draper. Yet, this attorney keeps getting elected time after time because no other attorney will run against him. The fact that very few other attorneys live in Lake Geneva is totally relevant here. The city needs to change that residency ordinance to include all attorneys who have, or participate in, a legal practice in the city. Of course, Mr. Draper would no doubt challenge that ordinance as being illegal.

Iced Coffee?


Starbuck’s iced over.
This past week we had several days with temperatures below zero with the wind-chill. Because water has a unique property, in it that expands as it freezes, it can cause major damage to pipes in severe weather. That is exactly what happened to AT&T in the empty unit next to Starbuck’s off Edwards Blvd. Sunday evening, around 8:30 pm., an interior pipe within the unoccupied AT&T building burst, causing water damage to both AT&T and Starbuck’s. Servpro was promptly called out to go clean up the water damage to both stores. Most of the water was vacuumed up, big fans were brought in, and anything else needed to resolve the mess was done. According to a sales associate, the interior and exterior will be closely monitored for any signs of structural damage as well. To help prevent any interior pipes from bursting in the future, Starbuck’s was asked to turn the heat up. It turns out that that isn’t as simple as it sounds. The manager cannot just go over and adjusts the thermostat. The manager has to contact corporate, and corporate adjust the temperature to what they feel is adequate. For some reason, they trust the manager with the company money, but not a button thermostat. Curious. What they saved in heat costs can now go to the cost of cleanup. What kind of cold management structure is Starbuck’s building 2000 miles away?

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