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Winterfest 2018 is coming!
Winterfest begins on the 27th of January. This is the twenty-third year Lake Geneva is hosting this great winter festival; of course, the snow sculpting competition is the highlight of the event, but there is so much more going on. Winterfest officially starts this Saturday, January 27th and goes till Sunday, February 4th.

The grueling Abominable Snow Race kicks off the festivities on Saturday the 27th. The race will be held at Grand Geneva’s Mountain Top Ski Hill, and Conquer the Abominableconsists of a four to six mile run with more than twenty obstacles. This race draws a huge crowd of spectators, supporters, some very competitive athletes, and of course, the abominable snowman will be there.

Then, on Sunday for the first time in Winterfest history, the Amazing Yeti Race will take place. The Stinebrink’s Piggly Wiggly and The Next Door Pub will be hosting this race. This race will start at 9:30 am at the Piggly Wiggly and will consist of teams that will trek around Lake Geneva. Mental and physical challenges need to be completed at every stop in order to move to the next location. The first team to arrive at the final destination, and find the Yeti or the Pig, will be the winners. Also on Sunday, the Human Dog Sled Race will be held in Grand Geneva at The Mountain Top Ski Hill from 1pm-4pm. This is another team event that consists of a sled pusher, a sled rider, and four sled pullers. This is a great event which is both a lot of fun to participate in, as well as watch. After the racing is done the US National Snow Sculpting Competition will begin.

On Monday, January 29th, in front of the Riviera and in Flat Iron Park, the carving of the snow blocks begins.

On Wednesday, the highly skilled teams from all over the Nation begin their sculpting.

From January 31st through February 3rd you can observe these teams in action, and watch their works of art emerge out of mere snow and ice blocks. Cocoa Crawl is a free family-friendly event and takes place downtown Lake Geneva on Friday, February 2nd starting at 4:30 pm. You can check in at the Geneva Theater and pick up a map and a list of over 30 participating businesses. From there, visit as many businesses as you can, and then come back to the Geneva Theater to vote on your favorites. This year, the Geneva Theater will be hosting a free showing of the movie Frozen, and a meet & greet with Elsa and Ana, for those who participated in the Cocoa Crawl.

All over Lake Geneva, at most of the local businesses, you will find specials and excitement.


The supposedly approaching new Mobil/Dunkin’ Donuts operation pulls up short.
The company behind the effort to erect both businesses along the south edge of Highway 50 near the bowling alley, has withdrawn its request for a conditional use permit. What does that mean? No one knows. There was some resistance by certain parts of the community to adding another filling station in a small town seemingly overrun by them. The Mobil would be the 12th station if it was to be built. There was also the problem of the summer traffic on Highway 50, which everyone knows is terrible and worse on weekends. Part of the concern about the Hillmoor development is about the increase of vehicular traffic that would have to be somehow accommodated on Highway 50. Quite possibly, the owners of the Mobil station will await a more favorable time, as they see it, to slip back in and make another attempt. The Geneva Shore Report will be right there to report anything like that if it happens.

How many Stations?

Mobil Station Lake Geneva

Here’s the existing Mobil station in Lake Geneva. Does the city really need another one a mile? away?


Mayor Alan Kupsik comes directly under sixteen-inch guns.
Lake Geneva’s quietly effective, but not outrageously loved mayor, Alan Kupsik, is in the position of making appointments. Tom Hartz is running for Kupsik’s job. Tom Hartz is running for mayor which means he will be departing the Police and Fire Commission. If he wins the mayor’s job then when does his resignation take effect at the police and fire commission? If he wins the mayoral election he would need to resign before he takes over, and then Alan could appoint his replacement. If he waits until the very last second then Tom would do the appointing. The police and fire commission is more important than most people think, but its power is very quietly applied. The men who sit on the committee are mostly those men who’ve retired or fallen from grace in larger elective positions. Currently on the commission are Hartz, Jordan, Bittner, Pollard, and Gramm. The Lake Geneva Fire Department sends over a representative, and then there’s council person Howell attending. Jordan is the city’s former city administrator, and even though his tenure was just awful he got appointed to the commission anyway. Which is amazingly common behavior on the part of city leadership.

Who wants the job now? It’s rumored that Speedo, former mayor of some distinction, would accept that role.


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