Little Gems

The potential of a militia gun range being built in Town of Linn.
The people behind the supposed hunt club, slated to be built in Town of Linn, have withdrawn their request. Although part of the gun range, trap, and skeet operations have already been built, and the barn and farmhouse were redone to accommodate many more people, the owners of the property have reconsidered applying for a permit. Whether there are factors unknown to the Geneva Shore Report effecting this decision or whether the request was withdrawn to await a better time for submission remains unknown. Was there going to be a militia organized there? The GSR will be watching closely to see what might be coming in the future.


The March in Walworth on Saturday.
This was a big deal, with demonstrations about women gaining more power in a society that has not been noted for paying a lot of attention to that issue. Equal rights, employment, pay, and promotion were issues marched and chanted about, along with a lot of other issues. Hundreds, if not thousands of women showed up in ‘little old Walworth’ to the amazement of so many. The mainstream media was off covering bigger gatherings in Milwaukee and Madison, but Walworth’s gathering demonstrated just how deeply this issue is embedded in our current cultural milieu, and how things are going to continue to change to allow women a greater voice in making decisions in just about everything.

March in Walworth


Driving vehicles out on Geneva Lake.
They can’t stop you. Nope. Not the DNR, not the state not even local authorities can stop you from driving or parking out on the ice in the lake. They aren’t even allowed to make rules about it like maybe you can’t drive out there when the ice is less than two inches thick or something like that. None of that. You go out there and have at it. One of those incidental and never to be discussed “assisted-suicide” kind of issues.

Person of the Week

Abriel Odling Friends on the Square Elkhorn

Abriel Odling has been working at Friends on the Square, a family owned business in Eklhorn, for six years. When you walk in, Abriel is right there greeting you with a big smile when you come in, and when you leave, she makes you feel like you are leaving the family or a bunch of friends.

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