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What’s coming in 2018?
Symphony Bay, the older person’s development over on the Bypass (off Highway 120 near the car wash), is coming right along, and look for intense construction to begin in earnest in the spring of this year. Symphony Bay will also be using the piers down by Lazzaroni’s complex at the south end of BigFoot Beach. Those piers will have to be expanded and rebuilt in ways that are not yet fully understood.

A Mobil gas station, with an attached Dunkin’ Donuts, will be built on Highway 50 right by the bowling alley and west of the church atop Catholic Hill. That will not be very far from the BP station across the highway a bit further east, but the owners don’t seem to care. Lake Geneva will have ten gas stations once the Mobil is built. The State of Wisconsin law on auto registrations for electric and hybrid cars takes effect immediately. In the state’s current pursuit of being as far behind the times as it can get, electric automobiles will pay an extra hundred dollars a year in taxes, and hybrids will pay an extra seventy-five. Purple Heart license plates will also continue to be twenty percent more expensive than regular plates because they remain, unaccountably, classified as ‘vanity’ plates.

A new Thai restaurant is coming to Geneva and Center Streets, and that has to be a good thing. The Chicago dog joint on Broad Street, trying to open for the whole of last year, promises to open in the early part of 2018.


The “Friends of Hillmoor” meeting this week.
The meeting took place in the offices of the Geneva Shore Report, located at 281 Sheridan Springs Road (Suite 112). Here’s the agenda:

  1. City Council elections, endorsements (5-10 minutes)
  2. Goal – What do we plan to achieve for the property? (15 – 20 minutes)
  3. Discuss the overall course of action, and tasks specific to the achievement of that goal. (30-50 minutes) Funding – eminent domain, property acquisition, maintenance, PRAT Communication – website, Facebook, press releases, Letters to the Editors, phone calls and emails to Council

A report on this meeting will be in the next issue of the Geneva Shore Report, as the group met after the GSR deadline was passed.

Goodbye 2017

Sunset New Year's Eve Lake Geneva December 31, 2017

The sun set on 2017, the clear cold air allowing for unusual light reflections as seen in this shot on the year’s last evening, looking west toward the horizon not far from Sentry Food Store in Walworth.

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