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Boating accident on Geneva Lake. On Saturday afternoon, a boater moving along at good speed on Geneva Lake waters hit a wave at a “strange angle” just off of the south shore of the lake by the Geneva Inn. The boat plowed into one of the Geneva Inn’s Piers. The sole occupant and driver of the boat had to be evacuated to Lakeland Hospital for back injuries caused by the boat’s impact with the pier. There was no alcohol involved in this accident, according to the Director of Water Safety Ted Pankow. The DNR indicated, following the accident, that although there are about 2500 boats out on Geneva Lake during the busiest parts of summer weekend days, accidents are uncommon, and fatalities almost unheard of. The last fatal boating accident on Geneva Lake was in 2008, and the one before that 2001. Comparatively, with other lakes in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, Geneva Lake is exceedingly safe to boat and play on.

Boating Safety Lake Geneva


The Riviera redo.
The roof is made of concrete tiles, not Spanish tiles. They look like Spanish tiles but the Spanish ones were replaced years ago with lifetime guaranteed concrete tiles. The city is getting ready to replace those lifetime tiles. The first thing they did was get hold of the company that installed the lifetime tiles to consult with them about doing something with all the tiles that cracked or fell apart. The lifetime guarantee was no good. The company is long gone. It went bankrupt years ago, probably to make sure that it didn’t have to replace expensive and labor intensive concrete tile. A new company is going to be engaged to replace the lifetime concrete things. The new company is going to give the city a lifetime guarantee, but promises not to go broke. City attorney Dan Draper could allegedly be heard whispering “yes,” and pumping one fist up and down on the podium when this news was announced.

Riviera ReDo


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