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Holy Communion Episcopal Church.
Some people have said over the years that the Episcopal Church is the place intelligent Catholics end up at because it takes a certain intellectual level to buy into the proposal that any man, including a pope, is infallible. Every Sunday at ten a.m. the church holds a mass. It takes about an hour of one day to go there and hang out with some really neat people. Afterwards you get free coffee and sweets downstairs, even if you put nothing in the collection basket. This church is located right in the center of Lake Geneva’s downtown, but it’s like Brigadoon to so many people who go wandering by. Brigadoon only appears for one day once every hundred years. Is this that one day for you? The GSR writes of this place not because anyone on staff is a parishioner, but because going there and mixing with these people is a stunning departure from what has been experienced by checking out some other churches in the area.

The GSR is about exceptional businesses, exceptional people and now exceptional churches. Broad and Geneva Street. Something holy is going on in and around that church. They got their priest after struggling for years. It might not be a bad idea to go in there and confirm or deny for yourself what is being written here. Think about something in the New Testament as you pursue your work day, or sit having coffee and reading this report: “…and if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy own darkness be lifted.”

Can you use a lift? Have you been looking in the wrong places for it?

Lake Water Levels


Nobody knows. Fake news.
The lake level, even after a bit of rain, continues to drop. Unless you go to the USGS water level gauge results. For the month of October, they show the water level at the outflow where the water from Lake Geneva goes under Center Street as flowing at a depth of 7.7 feet. In this issue you will see the photo of the water level for yourself from a photo taken of one of the GSR reporters standing at the edge of that deep water. The water wasn’t flowing at all and the depth of what was left could never have reached one foot on any gauge. So, if nobody knows what the levels are, because the science of recording them is screwed up, then why should anybody believe anything about the purported water itself? How can the level of the lake be monitored and handled properly if it requires that someone be on site every day of every week to adjust the gates? What’s the caveat, the “out” the USGS uses to get itself out of the “Fake News” business, or to be held accountable? This phrase: “provisional data subject to revision.” This phrase is represented by a little bitty “p” printed after every figure in the daily and hourly reports provided on the lake level. So, they know they are wrong or they would never have bothered to add the little “p” to every number they publish. Of what use is that? It makes everyone think somebody is at the wheel, the helm or using the stick to guide whatever ‘vehicle’ Geneva Lake has begun to resemble.   There’s apparently nobody really watching what’s going on, except some lowly reporters from a lowly “tabloid” out poking around.

Cartoon by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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