Surprising Stuff

Avant opens.
As previously announced, Avant Coffee and Bicycle Shop opened up on Monday morning to rave reviews by everyone who came by. Be ready for some sticker shock for the bikes, as Tony does not sell the Wal-Mart specials, but the coffee is great. Paul, the former manger of Caribou (whom everyone used to love over at that place before it closed), is now working behind the counter at Avant.

Avant Coffee and Bicycle Shop

Board and Brush moves.
The grandly successful Board and Brush operation, currently located in the 252 Center Street building, along with Geneva Java Coffee Shop and the Thrift In, is relocating next door. The building where Absolutely Home used to be, has been split in half to allow Board and Brush to occupy one side, and a place called Heart and Soul on the other. Heart and Soul will be a sandwich shop, with a bit more, if it signs the lease and gets the part time Lake Geneva Building Inspector’s approval. One of the partners in that venture comes over from the now defunct Good Vibes, where Avant has taken up current residence.

Spring Trimming

Trimmed Foliage Lake Geneva

Have you trimmed and shaped your boxwood trees? It’s time.
Only GSR staff know the name of the special talented man who does this kind of trimming, fast and cheap, and using hand shears.




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