Little Gems

Easter Egg Hunt.
This Saturday the Williams Bay Recreation Department is putting on a Hunt at the Lions Field House, located at the corner of Highway 67 and Clark Street (right downtown in Williams Bay). It’s free. The Hunt starts at 10:30 (promptly). The ‘eggs’ aren’t real eggs. They will be plastic eggs stuffed with toys and candy. Next weekend there’s another Hunt at Seminary Park, put on by the Lake Geneva Jaycees, and over 4000 eggs will be hidden (they don’t do anything small time, even if they aren’t that big on women). That Easter Egg Hunt is on the 15th of April, and starts at 10:30 sharp, as opposed to Williams Bay’s ‘promptly.’

Got a funny bill from Alliant Energy?
This electric company is the prime supplier of electricity for most of Lake Geneva and the other ‘around the lake’ communities. This month’s billing came out and rates have gone up. What a shock! And then Alliant humor entered the bills, and not the April Fools kind. What was so funny? The reason given for the increase was not given, but your usage of electricity was presented on the back of the bill, illustrating what ‘might’ have been the cause. What was glaringly funny? The period from January 1st to the billing date was compared to the same time last year, and the average temperature was listed. Last year it was forty degrees and this year it was thirty-six degrees. Everyone living around the lake knows full well that this past winter was one of the mildest on record for both snow accumulation and temperatures. The Internet tells us that it was 29 last year, for the same period, and not 40. But it wouldn’t have looked nearly so convincing on the Alliant billings if they inferred your rates had gone up because the temperature did too!

The little hot dog stand comes sizzling back.
The young couple that ran the hot dog stand have moved on. What the American Legion is going to do about serving food at their small canteen, located in the southeastern corner of Library Park is unknown. Once again, and this report comes from the mouths of the young couple who used to run the place, “the Legion changed the terms of the lease so we could not survive financially.” Say what? What lease? It was established firmly, legally and finally, politically, that the American Legion, given special dispensation by the City of Lake Geneva to occupy a space they do not own in the very precious southeast corner of Library Park, would never, ever, under any circumstance sublet the space for any reason. That’s in print with both the city and the Legion signing many years ago. The Legion violated that promise with the previous operators of the cantina. They got caught and had to stop. So what did they do? Pull the same routine all over again?   Are the cheap drinks they serve to visiting and member veterans (don’t show up without your identification card if you are a Vietnam Veteran) being primarily sucked down by the vets running the shop?

Black Point Estate Tour

BLack Point Estate Tour Gage Marine Lake Geneva

Gage Marine starts its array of cruises around Geneva Lake.

The boats will be begin running on the first weekend of April (Saturday, the 8th), the lake tours will all be available; the Black Point Estate Tour, the Sunday Brunch Tour, the Ice Cream Social Tour, the Mail Run Tour, the Full Lake Tour and many more. Gage will open all of their tours fully by the end of the month, weather permitting.

Person Of the Week

Stacy Syverson

Stacey Syverson, the bright proprietor of The Cashmere Compass in Walworth is as elegant, fashionable, and wonderfully cheerful as her store. Stop in and meet this terrific woman, and check out her upscale exhibit of furniture and home goods. The experience will make you smile, whether you buy anything or not. The Cashmere Compass located at 549 Kenosha Street, Walworth, WI in the old bank building next to McCulloughs.



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