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Last Wednesday’s finance, licensing and regulation meeting was the first city meeting held in the new virtual format.
It started with a few “bumps in the road” but those were quickly fixed, and the meeting was held with the committee members in their homes. Tom Hartz, Ken Howell, and David Nord being the sole members in the council chambers. No public comments were turned into the city clerk so the first item on the agenda was the farmer’s markets request of a waiver of fees for the parking stalls used for the markets. This request passed unanimously, with hopes that the farmer’s market can start this year by the end of May. Then, the committee discussed using the VIPLY mobile phone app in a trial run this summer for people to purchase their beach passes. The only downfall the city saw with the app is that the fee to the customer was quite high, but they voted to pass the use of the app anyway and then agreed that the city will negotiate to try and get the fee lowered.  Currently, the city will receive eight dollars for an adult entry onto the beach, while VIPLY, performing only a simple electronic function, will get three dollars.  Last on the committee’s agenda was a discussion on the columns at the Riviera, because, somehow, they were missed in the bidding and not a part of the quote as far as any maintenance or painting that might be needed. Thankfully, the contingency fund has plenty of funds available to cover the cost, since the Riviera project is coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. The city financial leaders also mentioned that they set up separate accounts for expenses related to COVID-19 in hopes that the government will have grants available in the future. If it does, then the City of Lake Geneva will be ready.

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