Surprising Stuff

Lake Geneva is a wonderful place to live and to visit, but many of those who visit the area are unaware of the local questions arising from providing great services and fun for visitors and residents alike. There are plenty of wonders in and around Geneva Lake, but here are a few wonders you might not have given much thought to:

  • People wonder why their taxes are so high when the city collects millions from tourists.
  • People wonder why the city borrows money to fix the roads, when the state gives the city $700,000 every year to repair the roads.
  • People wonder why Moss Park at George St. & Williams St. is always listed as being near Madison & Marshall. (including on Google & in the City’s Comprehensive Plan)
  • People wonder about the irony of paying for “free beach passes” and wonder if paying for free parking is next.
  • People wonder why the city exempts itself from ordinances that residents have to follow.
  • People wonder why the city gives money to the JC’s, and then the JC’s return the favor by giving a similar amount to one of the city’s department.

The wonder of wonders is that “Lake Geneva” is not the name of a city, town, township, village or the lake itself, it is just the postal address for zip code 53147, and that goes from Zenda on the south side of the lake around Geneva Lake to Como on the north side of the lake, which because of the number of people who visit “Lake Geneva,” holds the statistical title as the nation’s most visited postal destination.

Canteen Open

American Legion Canteen Lake Geneva

The American Legion Canteen is open. Maggie and Ben are happy to be up and running and here for another summer season in Lake Geneva. This great little hot dog hut located in Library Park right in front of the Riviera Beach is looking forward to some improvements to the canteen building this year which will no doubt add even more charm to the place.

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