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Alan Kupsik comes into his own as the elected leader of Lake Geneva. He ran unopposed, but still. What kind of a man is he? He’s as

Mayor Alan Kupsik

Mayor of Lake. Geneva Alan Kupsik

urbane and almost as good a listener as the recently and dearly departed Mayor Connors. He’s also as reflective. Maybe the best thing, and this conclusion is based upon many observations all made from a distance, is that he’s a hell of a lot more open about what he feels is the best direction for the city to take into the future and at expressing openly how he feels about it. Than his predecessor.


Where have all the flowers gone?
As one rounds the Williams Street and Interchange North corner, a person might wonder “where have all the flowers gone?” Was the government responsible with its court orders and fines for the disappearance of the flowers? Those who enjoyed or simply marveled at seeing the extravagant yard of flowers will sadly miss them. But to those who complained and led the prosecution against them, it is a victory that imposes their image on the community. An image where everything blends in and nothing looks out of place so it gives a pleasant peaceful image like Stepford in the movie the Stepford Wives.

The approved Symphony Bay development is a perfect example of that type of hidden conformity where no housing designs can be repeated within four houses of another, and no housing styles can be next to or across the street from the same style. This combined with there being no straight streets within Symphony Bay, means that one will be able to drive or walk through Symphony Bay and not see two houses that look the same. All houses will blend in like a floral arrangement with muted pastels. Although Symphony Bay is a large development, the twisted roads and close spacing of the houses prevents one from seeing beyond a few houses which gives the false feeling of security of a small community even though it is a very large development. It is all about image not reality, because it is easier to sell an image than reality.

The same type of bland muted conformity is being imposed on the city’s downtown. Where primary colors are banned, corporate colors must be muted, bright and fluorescent colors are banned, neon and rope lights are banned, flashing or moving signs are banned, pole signs are banned, not more than 25% of a window can be covered with advertisement (except for realtors). Store signs are to be flush against the building, lights lighting up the exterior of buildings are banned, and on and on. The city is even spending about $200,000 to get and impose uniform signage on the city. It’s all about not improving the city or our lives while enforcing conformity to an image. Will leaders ever learn that cosmetic conformity is the antithesis of freedom and self-expression? Conformity for safety and conformity for convenience (like the rules of the road) are acceptable but control and conformity of appearance in a city is the domestication of all of its residents.

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