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All you can do is wish them well.
The anti-vaxxers are out there and they have really good reasons for not getting vaccinated.  Here are some of the latest that have been offered when people have been asked about their own situation:  “I don’t get the flu shots either.”  “I think our immune systems are good enough to handle such a virus.”  “The people who’ve died, the numbers are not significant enough to risk an unknown vaccination.”  “Everyone else is getting it so I should be fine without it.”  And there is no arguing with the people who present these responses.  You must simply wish them well, and be glad that most around you are not them.  

The argument that it’s kind of wise to get a vaccination that hasn’t caused anyone to die from it is worthless to them.  They don’t believe that.  Some even believe that you will be sterile after the shot series…which the staff of the GSR has only heard, really, from people who are sixty years old or older.  The only way true herd immunity from this thing will happen is when the government decides that it is required to function in our society so that you do not endanger the lives of others.  The U.S. government understands at every level that its citizens have the right to die, and they can always do so no matter what laws are passed, by committing suicide.  However, the U.S. government has also made it a part of the very philosophy of life in America that it will make it as hard as possible for citizens to die. 


Cases are down and vaccine administration is increasing rapidly.
Here’s a look at Walworth County Covid -19 numbers, and vaccine data, as of Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Since the pandemic started over a year ago Walworth County has had nine thousand one hundred and five confirmed cases.  Current active confirmed cases, as of Tuesday, were forty.  One patient is currently in the hospital, and Walworth County has had one hundred and fifty-three deaths. Walworth County has fully vaccinated sixteen thousand five hundred and fifteen people (16.03%) and administered one dose of the vaccine to twenty-eight thousand four hundred and eighty-six people (27.65%).

Even with only a small portion of the people vaccinated, the number of active cases has been consistently low for some time now. All of the statistics in the county have to be kept in perspective with the total number who reside in Walworth County. Currently, Walworth County has a population of one hundred and three thousand and thirteen (103,013).

As of April 5, 2021, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services made all Wisconsinites sixteen years and older eligible for the vaccine.  Currently, the Moderna 2-dose vaccine series is the only vaccine available, and to qualify you must live, work, or study in Wisconsin and be at least eighteen years old. To locate vaccine providers, go to The goal shared by most everyone is to get back to normal as safely and quickly as possible, and vaccines are an essential component towards ending the pandemic and making a return to ‘normal’ life possible.

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