The 59th Annual Venetian Fest and Art & Craft Fair starts one week from today.
This coming week you can expect to see Flat Iron and Seminary Parks transformed into a wonderful little carnival. The city will be busy getting ready with electric stations to be placed, while barricades will be scattered as needed to help keep things moving smoothly.  The police fire and rescue will also be getting ready as expected, as with more people in town situations of all kinds will arise. Mr. Ed’s Magical Midway will be back, as always, providing the festival with the kid’s favorite carnival rides along with food trucks and festival workers all staying in town for the week. The art and craft vendors will be trickling in through the week for the weekend of Art and Crafts in Library Park. Be prepared for traffic; both vehicle and foot, to be even busier than on a typically busy weekend in Lake Geneva.


The City of Lake Geneva’s Police and Fire Departments have had a very busy year with the two busiest weeks still ahead of them.
At Thursday’s fire and police commission meeting the police chief talked about how calls are already up by more than a thousand calls, compared to this time last year. With Lake Geneva becoming consistently busy, and weekdays looking like the weekends, more help will be needed, so next year’s budget will allow for some more part-time community officers to help support the police department. Also proposed for next year’s budget are body cams for all the police officers, along with a full-time clerk to help with FOIA requests and the analytical side of things. The department has been researching body cams for quite some time now and is in agreement that they would be beneficial. They’ve talked with other departments that use them and researched to see if there were any grants available to help cover the cost. At this time, there are not, but the department is anticipating that the federal government may offer grants next year. The police department is excited about the opportunity to possibly get the ball rolling and start using the cameras in 2022. The fire department has seen an increase in calls as well. They have had an average increase of 17% in monthly calls, and 20-25% increase for the year. On their busiest day last month, they transported four patients to Milwaukee instead of taking them to a local hospital where they would sit and have to wait to be transported to where they could get the proper care.  Local hospitals aren’t always staffed or able to take care of trauma patients and the Lake Geneva first responders aren’t willing to take a chance on anyone’s life. This shows the dedication and care Lake Geneva’s emergency personnel have for the community. With Art in the Park and Venetian Fest ahead of them they are going to be extremely busy, and staff will be working hard to keep everyone safe so they can enjoy the end of the summer season in Lake Geneva.


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