Pop up Movie Theater in Burlington.
Every Saturday, in the month of August, there are free pop-up movies at 9 p.m., on a jumbo inflatable screen, set right across the street from the Plaza Theater in the True Value parking lot. Last week ‘Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle’ was shown. This week, Saturday, August 14th, Stuart Little will be featured. Saturday the 21st, the 2010 karate Kid, and Saturday the 28th Spider-Man Homecoming will be the movies on the screen. Load up the car, bring the family, and get comfortable in the convenience of your car.  Grab a chair and sit outside or open the tailgate and spread out in your truck bed. Whichever way you chose, make sure you tune in with your car radio to 105.7 and enjoy the show. If bad weather is an issue, the movie will play inside the theater (but it will still be free). This is a great community event and great family fun.


What the heck is totally wrong with Wisconsin’s republicans?  The state lost high-speed rail because of the republicans.  The state tied up with Foxconn and got conned by Fox and lost hundreds of millions, and Racine and Kenosha unknown amounts.  The Republicans have gotten together under Vos in Madison to spend millions on investigating the presidential election when absolutely every source, from the state through federal have found no fraud anywhere in that election.   The republicans in Madison are now in pursuit of making sure that there are no vaccinations mandates in Wisconsin.  They just voted to make certain that the UW complex of colleges (for some reason a favorite target of republicans) cannot manage vaccinations for workers or students.

At what point is Wisconsin, as a population, going to get fed up and dump these people from office?  How much does the state have to lose and how many have to die?  These people will never be punished or damaged in any way for the punishment and damage they’ve inflicted upon this state and will continue to inflict until they are sent back to the areas they reared up out of.  The democrats don’t deserve to rule the land, but they are all the citizens have left if they want Wisconsin to return to the kind of producing, educating, and well-meaning culture it once was.

Place of the Week

Antique Unique Lake Geneva

The Antique Unique Vintage Shop has moved from Center Street to Main Street right next to Lake Geneva Lanes at 192 East Main Street. Same great place and people just new location.

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