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The city is looking for new and creative sources of revenue to cover the current loss of tourist revenue.
The city should look at expanding the selling of “permits” in new areas. The purpose of a permit is to enable a person to do something that would otherwise have been illegal for them to do. If one wants to block a road, take over a city park for a festival, then one needs a city permit, otherwise doing those activities would be illegal and subject to fines.

If you think about it, many other formerly illegal activities of the past require yearly fees and are now great sources of revenue; including the manufacture, sale, and distributions of tobacco, liquor, cannabis, and even gambling and prostitution (at least in some states). In addition, the Lake Geneva Plan Commission could attach a yearly fee for conditional use permits that grants exceptions to a city ordinance.  Another possible area would be to actually enforce and collect the fines the city already kept a record of but not collected on.  The city might consider actually collecting the fines from all those who do not shovel the snow off their sidewalks in front of their houses.  That would be a good additional source of revenue for right now and a safety feature for citizens out walking in the winter. Since those with a city sidewalk and terrace in front of their property are performing a city service by maintaining the city’s property, shoveling the city’s public sidewalks and are not only NOT paid for it and can be fined if they don’t maintain them, then it is only fair that those without the terrace and city sidewalk should do some other city service or pay a fee or tax of similar value.

A sidewalk tax on all of the houses, apartments, developments, and gated communities that do not currently have and maintain a public accessible sidewalk in front of their property would be a good source of revenue.

Why should some residents be required to do public service or get fined and others not be required to provide a similar public service or pay a fee or tax?

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