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Heavy Rains and Flooding August 10-11 Lake Geneva Region 

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Riviera renovations and the Ad Hoc Committee submitted four options regarding the main floor of the Riviera.
The four options MSI put together, under the direction of the Riviera AD HOC Committee, were presented at the Finance, License, and Regulation Committee meeting for possible selection and approval to be recommended to the city council for final approval. The goal of the Ad Hoc Committee is to get work started on the Riviera, but not too much work as most of the committee members seem to want the first-floor concourse to stay as close to what it is right now. The current committee is big on history, the historical society, and salvaging as much from the past as possible, which can be a good thing in most situations. The Riviera Ad Hoc committee wants the building to pay for itself and more and wants the Riviera Ballroom to supply the cash flow. The FLR committee discussed the potential options for the first floor and the potential rate increase and both issues were met with disapproval from many of the committee members.

The remodel options were very similar and unimposing. The rate increase for the Riviera Ballroom was met with distaste by committee members. Hedlund was very open with his opinion and even went as far as to question the purpose of the Riviera committee’s existence. Stephanie Copsey, the Lake Geneva Events Coordinator, the one in charge of renting the Riviera Ballroom, chimed in to share her thoughts on the rental rates and believes there is room for an increase but cannot justify the full forty percent the committee is recommending without some more convenience items and services are added to the rental package. The FLR is continuing the Riviera decision on to the next meeting and Stephanie will be chiming in with a detailed comparison of venues and numbers.

Plane Crash Burlington

Plane crash Burlington WI

Plane crash in a residential neighborhood in Burlington Sunday evening.

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