America’s friends; the TSA and DEA.
Shutting terrorism down and stopping the trade of drugs are pursuits that any red-blooded American can approve of and get behind. But be careful about what is really going on inside America’s borders compared to what seems to be going on. Forfeiture happened. Forfeiture is a relatively new tool of law enforcement that allows those with police powers to seek confirmation that cash is being transported in luggage (which is entirely legal in any amount, as long as it is within the boundaries of the USA). Following that, if luggage is searched and cash is found, then the TSA and DEA can seize whatever is found and declare the money to be suspect in being used in a future crime. No crime needs to have been committed or any person charged.

They still keep the money, though, and that’s it. They give the person they took it from a receipt. That person can pursue them in court, but the costs and time of doing that usually exceeds the value of what was taken. In the U.S. forfeiture of cash amounted to over two hundred million dollars ($200,000,0000) last year. This procedure would not be nearly so intimidating or obnoxious if it did not involve the cooperation of agents at airline, bus and train counters, who are usually the ones that let the TSA or DEA know they have a suspect. The only protection a person has who is carrying a large amount of cash in a suitcase is not to talk to those agencies when approached (outside of the area where one goes through detectors for carryon and boarding of aircraft). People don’t have to talk to them, and they don’t have to give permission to have their bags searched. The ‘color of authority’ is huge in this area, however, particularly at points of travel, so it is very difficult for most people to say no.   Until they change the rules back to pursuing criminals instead of those merely suspected of future criminal behavior then Nancy Reagan’s expression finally has great validity: “Just say no!”


What a shock, you say? Which word applies; ironic or moronic? The wasps have returned to the park surrounding the lagoon at BigFoot Park. Yes, that little lagoon across South Lake Shore Drive. The one dug by Maytag to be a smaller exact replica of Geneva Lake Itself. The lagoon has two bridges (which are now closed for the duration). The duration of what? Well, it seems that two years ago, in an effort to eliminate or reduce the number of people of a different extraction spending summers picnicking under the trees in the park, community leaders brought in a special type of wasp in order to kill the Emerald Ash Borer Beetles that they claimed had infested the trees. They did this rather than cut down the trees. Further investigation determined that the trees were not infested. The GSR knows this because the GSR tested all the wood that was cut from the forest! Unfortunately, the wasps were already here, and all too real. Today, the trees are gone, fewer people of less or more than pure white extraction picnic there, and that is because the wasps proved not be of the genus or type the park service thought they were. You think? Now the wasps, not clued in about the difference among human colors, sting everyone with a foundational sense of American freedom. The bridges are closed, and the park is a mess. Bigotry is never justification for anything. Ironic or moronic. You decide.

Parking Privilege

Parking Privilege Lake Geneva

Some new parking ordinance? How does the boat attendant rate? Why give him a primo parking space that will generate constant bucks all day long? Employee parking is back at the municipal building. Why can’t the boat attendant take a hike? Who wrote this ridiculous part of the parking code? Or is this merely one of those undiscussed, unwritten and mostly unknown perks?



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