Surprising Stuff

Wi-Fi at the Riviera.
To be paid for by the Lake Geneva Tourism Commission? $1000 for installation and then $3500 for one year’s service? Say what? When you get Wi-Fi at home how much does it cost to get a router and then pay the monthly fee? A grand and then three hundred a month? What a load of crap this deal seems to be. The city of Lake Geneva, through the Piers and Harbors commission, gets the tourism commission to pay whose brother-in-law to do what? This little bitty (seeming) project is quite possibly descriptive of just how fishy things can be when dealing with the spending of taxpayer dollars.

The Business of the Week

Champs Bar and Grill Lake Geneva

With speeds up to 10 mph, a few, hundred dollars, and free parking you too can see the sights of Lake Geneva on a motorized bike. It’s the newest thing.


AT&T wants ten parking places designated for its usage alone.
The area in question is located right behind the almost unknown, and innocuously non-descript, AT&T building located at 645 Main Street (between Subway and Starbuck’s). Well fine, so give the spots to them, and then force them to open a customer service office in that secret CIA-style building. Yes, how about requiring that utility companies like AT&T get back to offering face-to-face customer service? Lake Geneva could lead the nation. All these little offices that bear the names of these companies like AT&T sprinkled around the city and nation, none of them affiliated with the company names on their buildings or signs. Those are sales offices. They can’t help customers with complaints or needs requiring help from the ‘mother’ company itself. No customer service, no parking spaces. Easy. Besides, is that building really housing AT&T or some other more sinister organization? Why is the need for a local building at all, like all that junk not run out of huge centers now?

Traffic and Parking Update

Parking Meters shrouded

There will be no parking on the one hundred block of Wrigley and Center street in preparation for the Venetian Festival. Choose alternate routes accordingly.


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