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Dairy Queen bites the dust. Dairy Queen over on Wells St. is about to be sold or close. The current owners; Mike and Viki Nelson, are not thrilled about the circumstances but the decision is out of their control. The Dairy Queen is now, and has always been, set up to be a soft serve stand only. That does not give them much of a profit margin after factoring in the demands that corporations put on franchise holders to expand menu items, buy expensive advertisement signs, and use packaging that has the new logo on it. After sixteen years the owners must sadly sell. Dairy Queen headquarters wants this restaurant to be a full size DQ with a full size menu. This would mean a complete rebuild.

That would not make sense at this location. The unnamed hopeful buyer would like to do a remodel but not change the small operation. This is being discussed in meetings with the corporate leaders of DQ. The current owners are hopeful the sale will be approved, as they would rather see it go on, than be tore down and a new improved DQ take its’ place at some other location. The verdict will not be in for a month at least, so for now Mike and Viki will continue serving the community with smiles and soft serve treats.

Video by Lisa Maynard


Parking SNAFU. There has been a time delay problem with the handheld devices that the parking attendants use to issue parking tickets. There seems to be a timing problem where a person can pay for parking but it does not register on the parking attendant’s hand held unit for several minutes, thus tickets have been issued when they should not have been issued to poor innocent parkers. What can a person do to appeal? Take the receipt in to the front desk at city hall and file an appeal. That ought to take a complainant half an hour, including travel if the violated parker is local. If the violated person is a tourist from Chicago, well, that violated parker is probably S.O.L. Sylvia, the parking czar of Lake Geneva (and brilliant parking wizard) is all over the problem. She will no doubt have a fix in place before the end of the month. In the meantime, if you get one of these time insensitive parking tickets, get down to city hall and file your report. The front desk is sensitized to the problem and you’ll get quick well-mannered service (even if you end up paying the fine!).

Illegal Parking Lake Geneva?

No, you can’t park this way. Two cars make some strange attempt to park next to one another and across the diagonal lines. Two tickets, not one. Whom would have guessed? Where do these people come from? Illinois? Sorry, no. Wisconsin.


A sign post up ahead…Lake Geneva is not cheap and neither are signs. TIF funds have been used once again, but this time for necessary and acceptable reasons. Signs that direct everyone to important city location and service buildings, as well as public parking lots, have been put up. They are great signs that make getting around Lake Geneva a bit easier and a little less frustrating. Some talk has been going on that the cost of the signs is not justified. Think about it, there were multiple signs needed, the signs had to be custom made in design, in production, and installation. This was all accomplished for about $28,000. What is it worth to local people and visitors to be informed and to get around a little easier? It would seem that this money was well spent, and that’s an uncommon statement for the Geneva Shore Report to be able to make about much of Lake Geneva’s financial conduct.

Johnstown Meats Co.

Johnstown Meats

Johnston Meat Company is coming to Walworth. Downtown on the square, no less. This fresh meat butcher is something else. No frozen pre-packed meat in this place. The GSR will report the instant this place opens and the entire staff of the paper is predicting great success for this place. It’s about time, is the most common expression heard about the coming opening.



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