Little Gems

Three bars in the fountain.
As opposed to coins. Okay, so it might be funny. Except to the people who have to clean up the mess. Every once and awhile during the summer months, students or drunken idiots (pick one) decide to bring a load of detergent down to the fountain located in front of the Riviera Pier. They pour the stuff in during the dark hours of late evening or early morning. Very quickly the fountain begins pumping out gobs of suds. By the morning the entire area in front of Riviera is loaded with mountains of white foam. The foam cannot simply be skimmed off and then cleaned up using brooms, squeegees and sponges. Nope. The water has to be drained from the fountain, the fountain pipes and tanks cleaned and then the thing refilled with tons of water. That’s hours and hours of work, and requires city employee’s time and equipment. It’s not like city employees are not working on other projects. Right down the street they have trucks loaded with sea bloom and plants cut off by passing propellers that they need to dispose of. That’s the stuff that floats in and clogs everything up.


Maxwell Street Days. Controversy rages.
What’s it all about? Free trade? Fair trade? Outside merchants, (not those paying rent for storefronts in Lake Geneva), come in on certain holidays, most recently Maxwell Street Days, and set up shop on sidewalks outside of those same local businesses. The GSR ran a video of the J. Roberts Store from Elkhorn that set up shop outside the Regional News offices. They, of course, had put some pretty big ads in that paper so there may have been more of a trade going on because, so far, the Regional News has not been known to sell clothing. Is it okay for these outside merchants to come in at no charge and take advantage of what the local merchants have built in the way of quality traffic and customers? The outliers pay no property taxes and don’t contribute anything locally. There’s no specific ordinance limiting these outside operations from coming in and setting up. Should there be?

Maxwell Street Days


So you have an Apple MacBook Pro?
The cutting edge of high technology computing in a very small package? You think? You are right about the fact that it is the cutting edge of Mac Book Properformance. When it performs. Apple is currently befuddled as they struggle to get their new MacBook Pro improvement to market. What’s the problem? They have so far been unable to fix the sleeping problem. Yes, the MacBook Pro likes to rest ‘a lot’. Hard work, all that number and letter crunching. What’s the problem? The problem is called flash memory. The new flash memories are getting ever more capable of holding enormous amounts of data and soon, very soon, hard disc drives will be a thing of the past. If they can just get the flash drives to stay awake. Tap most new MacBook Pro computers on the side ever so lightly with a corner of your iPhone and watch what happens. The Pro goes into sleepy time. It can be awakened by swooping the laptop and tipping it in midair. Sometimes another tap of the iPhone, or whatever, will bring it back. Is this being written about anywhere? Not that you can find this on the Internet. But the problem, denied at the genius bar in Apple stores, is feverishly being worked on in Cupertino, California. When you go to buy a new computer with a flash drive try tapping it a few times after it’s warmed up a bit, just to be sure.


Forget about it! That application you put in to be the new postmaster in Lake Geneva?
It’s toast, if not ashes. They found a guy to take the job. He works in Milwaukee now and can’t take the job for awhile. How long is a while? You must defer to the article in this issue about the new time lock drug safes at drug stores all over. What do you mean by time? It’s unknown when this guy is coming in, although the current staff (none of whom were selected) isn’t smiling about the whole situation. Will the whole thing be copacetic, or go ‘postal?’

A Real Gem
Grandest Person

Terence Pisano

Terrence Pisano owner and massage therapist of Loosen Up for the last three years, is located upstairs of Jaynes at 201 N. Broad Street. Terence is currently putting together a run for rescue veterans and rescue dogs called 22miles for 22 lives on Sunday, September 11th at eight a.m. Call him. He’s exceptional. 262-729-6537

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