Roller skating has a special place in many people’s hearts.
Roller rinks may not be as popular or as in abundance as they once were, but Southern Wisconsin residents and visitors are lucky enough to have one close to home. Traxside Roller Skating Rink, located at 637 South Kane Street in Burlington, is open.  Check out the website at for hours and rates. This Friday, and on most Friday nights, Traxside offers Family Fun Skate with lots of games and prizes but no fast jam-skating which makes it safe for the whole family from 5 p.m. through 8 p.m. The more intense ‘jam skating” begins after the younger less experienced skaters have cleared the rink.  The rink then jams for the rest of the night, from 8 p.m. until closing at 10 p.m. Traxside also offers birthday packages and hosts school functions. Check this great place out; bring the kids to have fun, get some exercise, and relive some fond old memories.


The newly renovated Riviera has been the topic of many conversations around town.
Some wonder if the renovations were worth the high price tag while others are impressed at how it still looks like the original Riviera from the 1930s. They must have done something right because bookings have skyrocketed this year. The Riviera has booked almost sixty events already this year with the prime season for next year, May through October, completely booked a year in advance. With multiple events on the books for 2023, the thought is to clean up the fee schedule for the Riviera before it gets too complicated.

As it sits right now all fees are billed separately which can get confusing and complicated when explaining this to potential clients. There is the ballroom rental fee, set up fee, take down fee, and security fee. The thought process is to combine the fees and make them all-inclusive and more streamlined. The ballroom rental rate would increase by ten percent and the set-up, take-down, and security fees would be lumped together at three hundred fifty dollars. Hopefully, this will help make potential clients more at ease in renting the Riviera ballroom and feel like they are not being nickeled and dimed for every little item. The city wants to market the Riviera with confidence and comparable to the current market. The beautiful and historic Riviera just received a facelift so why not the operations side also?

Place of the Week

Richmond Cafe

The Richmond Cafe. 12 miles from downtown Lake Geneva. A place of pleasant wonder!


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